May 17, 2022

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Gold and Silver are a great home business anytime. Here’s why

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In my experience, many people quit home businesses because they get tired of buying the product – they end up with more of the product than they can consume every month. This happened to me in Melaleuca. Every month, it was time for a new order and I really wasnt finished with last month’s order. But to stay current, I had to get more of the product.

The neat thing about gold and silver is that they represent a savings program and you really arent doing anything but saving in something that preserves wealth – something that cant be said for the dollar.

I’ve had mutual funds and other savings programs, but none that yielded me this:

I’m involved in 2 traditional Gold / Silver MLMs – Mintbuilder and 7k Metals

I see pros and cons in both.

I love the binary comp plan of 7k Metals.

It leads to so much cooperation with your upline. Mintbuilder is based on personal effort only – the sponsoring activity of your upline does not benefit you directly in any way other than to inspire you that they know what they are doing and you should follow them.

7k Metals has a smaller selection of coins and their monthly auto saver costs more. They are also a younger company, weighing in at 4 years old to MintBuilder’s 11.

If you believe in person to person marketing, 7k Metals is a bit more preferable

because you get business cards and a mobile app designed for belly-to-belly sharing of information.

MintBuilder can be built that way, but they have lovely squeeze pages and complete funnels designed to lead people from opt-in all the way to upgrade, including a autoresponder series.

So in terms of person to person marketing I promote 7k Metals and a zero-down mortgage program. And I mainly build MintBuilder using automated marketing methods.

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