October 23, 2021

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Mario’s Ultrawide BTC Grid Trading Bot with updated parameters.

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Pionex is the only cryptocurrency exchange that I know of that has BUILT-IN trading bots. That’s right – all you have to do is deposit onto the exchange and choose a bot to get going!

Check out Mario Liu’s new Ultra-wide BTC Grid Trading Bot with updated parameters. It has been running for 40 days so far earning $173.63+ (28.94%)  – https://mario-40812.medium.com/gain-112-profits-the-best-btc-trading-strategy-helps-you-avoid-the-most-emotional-common-28046be31138

It looks great, but myself, I just chucked a grand into the AI backtested straddle of the current price, on today 1/1/2021:

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