May 19, 2022

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Is buying gold a good investment? Through Karatbars yes it is.

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I love this picture.

So obviously gold is a good investment. But who wants to wait 70 years for double-digit gains? In this modern age we see overnight gains like this:

But we see it in coins that have no physically intrinsic value. Now, if we marry cryptocurrency together with gold not only can we enjoy explosive returns on our investment in very short time frames, but we always have thousands of years of wealth preservation on our side in the long run. Man oh man, what an investment!

Buying a fountain of gold not a hunk of metal

What’s the cost of the gold?!

Well, that question applies if you are buying a fixed amount of the gold, which you are not. You have tapped into an ever-increasing amount of gold from a single investment!

Would 50% off spot price interest you madam?

Of course it would and this video documents that you can get about 200g of gold for that price RIGHT NOW.

A True Stable Coin Is Highly Sought After

The cryptocurrency markets are valued in Bitcoin, which is valued on the dollar. Put another way, the entire cryptocurrency market is subject to wild swings in value as Bitcoin whipsaws around. And, over the long haul, the cryptocurrency market is tied to the dollar which is tied to 100,000 dollars of new debt every minute.

Not exactly an ideal situation.  I review my preferred solution here:

So once the crypto trading world realizes that Karatbars is offering the most stable coin in the crypto-verse, your investment in this coin will skyrocket.

Redeem your gold anywhere you go

No one knows where the next currency collapse will happen. That is why it is important for your gold to be accessible wherever you are. Sticking all of your gold in a vault in a collapsing economy is no good and how would you redeem such large bars anyway?

Put another way:

  • If you live in Country X
  • Country X collapses
  • say goodbye to your investment

However, with Karatbars

  • You live in Country X
  • Country X collapses
  • You go elsewhere and use your (paper or digital) wallet on your person or login to your account and retrieve your investment anywhere in the world.

Diversification is a must

Karatbars is one of the safest high-yield investments I have ever seen. That being said:

Over and out. Peace.

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