December 5, 2020

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Explosive, High-Yield Automated Investments

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High-yield automated trading – this is the way to riches:

You put $1000 in and you get $5000 to $30,000 out.

do not settle for anything that cannot produce those sorts of returns in 6-12 months.

HA: tricked you! the way to riches is not the way to wealth! But anyway, get rich now and then we will discuss trusts and gold and all the the things the wealthy know about but do not tell us.

So with no further adieu, let’s take a look at the best high-yield automated trading (HYAT) options available.

PrimeXBT Covesting

PrimeXBT is Super simple to use: just deposit BTC, choose a trader and you’re done. Now just collect Leveraged profits (or losses). The profits get split between you, the trader and the platform.

I’m so pleased to have 10x’ed my investment in one trader. In fact, he has shown 85x returns since starting… and now investments are locked and no more can go to that person… glad I risked a mere 50 bucks on this one so that I know have $800.

Futures Trading – powerful, audited and explosive

If you have 15k to throw into an account, then give my man Tom Gollahon over at Successful Trading Systems a call. Over 10 years of explosive returns, sometimes people get 100% in a week or two… but there was one time where $10,000 of profit dropped to $1,000 … but that was 2 years ago and it has not had such a drawdown since… but that is why I recommend 15k in the account, that way if 10k is lost before it starts winning, you dont lose your account.

The trading system does best in volatile markets and lord is the world volatile now.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Auto Trading

Pionex – trading robots built right into exchange!

You heard right, now read more.

NapBots – trading robots for your favorite exchange

NapBots has excellent returns and low monthly fees to get profits at your favorite crypto exchange.

Freebay – same thing is napbots but more pricey!

Karatbars has rebranded as FreeBay. They offer 3 different crypto trading packages:

I have some test trading going on there as we speak… directly with Cryptorobotics, not through the FreeBay packages which seem kinda pricey.

Forex – 5 trillion dollars is traded every day…. would you like a piece?

I’ve found 2 excellent places to generate high yields in short time frames via forex – MQL5 and SignalStart. , the official site of MetaTrader offers 2 different ways to make automated profits: signals and expert advisors (EAs).

Expert Advisors at MQL5 sometimes have a verifiable track record. For example, Perfect Score EA is not only available for purchase, you can follow the signal for just $30/month. And Perfect Score is not just a name – the EA/bot has a 100% win record on all trades to date. I’m very pleased with the results of the Spider Crazy Pro EA – 10% return on a $200 account in a single day.

You can also subscribe to signals from traders at MQL5 – What’s impressive is the age of some of the signals. E.g, Blackwave Pacific has been a signal for 5+ years with only a few losing months.


Signalpush is Very professional. Made even better by my advanced signal analysis software.

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