Ed Lachowicz, Credit Funding Guru

I am proud to be working with Ed Lachowicz, credit-based funding guru. He has 3 main websites:

And multiple funding services

  • Aggressive credit repair, taking scores in the low 400s to 700+
  • Real estate lending and commercial hard money
  • Credit-score based funding starting at 620.
  • Bridge loans / gap funding
  • Tripling or quadrupling credit limit by rapidly paying down maxed out balances multiple times.
  • Primary tradelines – adding 3 or 4 is enough to get 100k. Click on “primary tradelines” at https://uscreditscores.com/ to see current inventory.
  • Credit card stacking: funding based on personal score only reporting to an EIN. More details here.
  • Corporation buildout: If built out correctly, then 90 days to 4 months, you can get loans

Author: wizard