May 17, 2022

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Welcome to My Money Magick

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Hello and welcome to the money, tax and law underground.

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500K to 2 million dollar loan, low interest, 650 FICO required

We’ve done 12 of these deals and are ready to close more. More details are here.

Do not file or pay the federal income tax

Only residents of Washington, DC are required to file or pay federal income tax. Furthermore, signing an income tax form violates your right to ever submit potentially incriminating information against yourself. This is not just me saying this. The founder of Freedom Law School defeated the IRS in court 30 years ago and has not paid a penny of income tax since.

Gold is Real Money

Do you have a savings plan? Is it is in real money gold or the US dollar (which is headed towards zero). Learn about an exciting way to acquire gold and earn an income in sharing this important message. And claim a free bar of silver while you’re at it!

Home Purchase Down Payment Assistance

If you are having problems coming up with the down payment and closing costs for a home, we have a solution.

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