May 17, 2022

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The next six months in Karatbars – stablecoin, passive income, a bank and debit card! And even more!!!

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Karatbars has been on a mission to marry the best old money (gold) with the best new money (cryptocurrency). And the new developments are quite exciting!

When the above video says “Security coin” it actually means “stable coin” – a coin that preserves it’s value. In most cases (e.g. Tether, TrueUSD, BUSD), the stable coin is backed by the us dollar, which we all know does not preserve value.

The great thing about Karatbars is their stablecoin is backed by gold. And the stablecoin is called UNV, short for unival and it represents 0.1g of gold.

Income Forever

Once you acquire this stablecoin, each time it is sold on the exchange you receive commission fees FOREVER!!!

Plenty of liquidity

The top 10 cryptocurrencies will be tradeable against THE GOLD BACKED STABLECOIN!!!

Do you know how much volume those coins get???!! Do you see how much daily pay from transaction fees you stand to earn?

Daily, weekly, monthly, FOREVER!!!! wow!

It feels good to know your crypto is backed up by a reserve of gold audited by a 3rd party firm.

Did you say a bank????!

yes and a debit card!!!!

How much should such a coin be trading for?

1 dollar? 10 dollars? 100 dollars? How about a 3rd of a penny? NO TYPO.

Take action now!

You mean there’s even more????

How about an automated crypto trading bot

Let’s get this party started!

Let’s go!

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