May 19, 2022

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Supreme speaks: Here are the best cryptocurrency investments

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The best cryptocurrency investments are Karatbars International, the the Midas Automated Masternodes and Investments Platoform and FLINE – a masternode coin monetized by an auto trading bot. FLINE is available on the Midas Platform. Karatbars International has already been discussed at length, so we will not repeat that information here. But what we will do is take some time to get you acquainted with the Midas Investment platform and a coin that will be released on it called “FLINE”.

What is the Midas Investment Platform

The Midas Investment platform simplifies the process of setting up a masternode, sharing in a masternodes rewards and finding and investing in quality cryptocurrencies. Those are 3 very useful things, therefore simply buying, holding and compounding your Midas coin holdings is a great investment. As you remember, during the gold rush, the people that got rich (mainly) were the people that sold equipment. Likewise, because the Midas coin is required to participate in all 3 services above, you can do quite well simply holding and compounding your Midas coin holdings.

All you have to do to invest is click on a coin and then set your parameters. Once you click invest, you will be given an address to send Midas coins to for this investment. Because all investments are purchased in Midas coin, simply buying and compounding your Midas coin is a great investment.

Currently all coins are Masternode coins, which means that simply having some of the coin means you get more of the coin on a daily or weekly basis as part of your act of confirming transactions on the network.

Midas does a good job of finding promising coins. One of the most exciting is BIRAKE – when you hold enough BIRAKE, you can purchase your own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, ready-to-go. In fact, the Midas platform also has a cryptocurrency exchange which is driven by the BIRAKE technology. There are about 30 coins for you to invest in at the time of this article. All coins are reviewed for quality and there are regular youtube assessments of the coins.

FLINE: 6000% yields from a cryptocurrency bot… and all you need to do is buy the coin

Since Midas has become known as a platform for investments, they are constantly being approached by people with investment products. They recently came across a powerful tradingbot and the good news is all you need to do is hold the coin to reap the profits!

The team of experts behind FLINE has 33 years of experience in trading, analytics and programming. They created their core BTC/USD trading bot in August 2018. That bot predicted the fall from 6k to 3k and shorted it. During those months they  were improving the BTC/USD bot and currently have 6,000 percent of yearly compound income without using leverages.

A month ago the team developed altcoin bots: ETH, EOS, TRON. All of those have awesome stats in back-test too and showed some nice profits already.

Another interesting thing is that 25% of the profits from the bot will be used to buyback the Midas coin, increasing the price of it as well.

You may take a look at the back-test of all the bots here.

And Here is the chart representation of each trade done by the bot. As you can see, it caught every big move, which is more than enough to make a lot of money during the year, if the account has compound interest rate.

I’m always looking out for great investments

I try to stay abreast of the latest breaking investments, but I’m always open to learning about resources superior to those I’ve listed here. The key idea of My Money Magick is evolution – and evolution means there is always something better coming down the pike.

You can reach me here or on the Midas discord as princepawn.

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