November 22, 2022

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More targeted prospecting with MLM Gateway

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When it comes to building a home business, Frazer Brookes summed it up best:

Activity x Skills = Results

Skills for network marketing are very simple.

You just learn to invite people to look at a presentation.

Activity is where most MLMers fail.

They get excited after seeing all the dollar signs (even though gold is real money) and think: “I’ll just call up a few buddies and I’ll be firing my boss next week.!!!!”

Then rejection 1 comes… and 2 and 3 and soon they give up

Most MLMers give up activity within 90 days of joining

And activity isnt just thinking about having a large team: it is ACTIVELY engaging in income-producing activities. As Frazer Brookes said: “doing a whole lot for very little in the beginning so that you get a whole lot for doing very little in the end”.

Activity is the constant outreach to new prospects.

It can be via attraction marketing techniques such as banner ads or the old school way of talking to everyone within 3 feet.

Frazer Brookes pioneered and perfected the art of social media network marketing. Amazingly, he built a team of over 300,000 using Facebook. That says something because Facebook is not a business platform.

My preferred platforms are LinkedIn and MLMGateway, the latter of which is the subject of this post.

What’ so cool at about MLM Gateway?

It makes the necessary activity of attracting people to your business as easy as pie.

A video is worth a 1000 words, so check it out:

Banner ads be blazin’

Whenever people are on this site, they see banner ads, by other members inviting them to take a look at a presentation.

Member List is active AND TARGETED

All active members are listed in the member list link. Just click on it and each person clearly states what they like and do not like.

Business Announcements Ping Your Connections and Attract People Searching on the Web

As you build your connections, they will all be notified when you make a business announcement. But the announcement will also be available on the WW for everyone to see forever. And so you get attraction to your business via a high-ranking high-quality site.

Let’s get this party started right!

Get your free 5 credits now so that you can get 10 free credits for each one you invite.

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