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Hashing Ad Space a novel cryptocurrency advertising network

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  • Company Name: Hashing Ad Space (abbreviated as HASP in this article)
  • CEO: Luke Millard
  • Product type: Cashback advertising (advertising that doesnt drain your pocket) and Paid-to-Click (get paid simply to visit ads). Products are bought and sold exclusivey using the Asimi Token available on the Waves platform.
  • Price: free members can get 1 coin daily (currently worth $4.00 per coin), advertisers can buy advertising products as well as minting packages to increase the number of coins they get for their surfing.
  • Company age and location: pre-launch. Located in Australia
  • Best for: people who want to get in early on a promising model that has produced exponential growth in the past.
  • Rating: Rating 80/100 (brilliant idea, a real improvement on past models in the space, but none of the others lasted more than 2 years, but they generated exponential gains in that time.).

This summary was designed to scare off all but those who like high-risk, high-yield opportunities. If you want something solid and with a definite bright future, this is not your best option. But I like enough of what they have done to write a post about it.

The site is well-conceived and all the parts fit together well. Let me break them down for you here:

  1. Hashing Ad Space (HASP) is a site where the act of viewing a traffic exchange ad rewards you with 1 Asimi token per view. Free members are limited to 1 view per day. if you are wondering why the token is named “Asimi” it is because that is the Greek(?) word for silver.
  2. You can purchase a minting package which gives you the privilege of getting 1 additional ad view per day and thus 1 more Asimi token per day. The token is traded on an open market on the Waves decentralized cryptocurrency exchange: anyone can buy/sell the coin on that exchange without ever having an account at HASP.
  3. You can also purchase banner ads and login ads. But the key is this: you must pay for them in Asimi token as well. The price for everything is pegged to the US dollar. E.g. a login package costs $20. So if Asimi increases in price, then you need less Asimi for that minting package over time.
  4. The number of minting packages that you hold on the platform pays you a dividend of all the Asimi released for that day.

Buyers and Sellers make a market

This might seem obvious, but it bear stating: a good cryptocurrency is one that has a lot of buyers and a lot of sellers. People only buy something if there is an incentive of some sort. in the next section, I think you will see that HASP will create a motivated buying audience.

There will also be a steady supply of sellers

There will also be a steady supply of sellers of the coin because the free members can gain a free coin every day for surfing one ad. In most paid-to-click sites, you get paid a small fixed amount for clicking on ads. For instance at Clixsense, the oldest and most respected paid to click, you get paid about a penny per click. In contrast, as HASP, the same person involved in paid to click is paid an ASIMI token. The token started out at 50 cents per coin, but now is trading at 4.00 per coin just a month later. That is a much more appealing return on paid-to-click time.

There is definitely a motivated buying audience: A chance to get ongoing free advertising

When you purchase a minting package for 200 Asimi, you are entitled to mint 1 additional Asimi per day. Over a year that means you get 365 Asimi back for putting 200 Asimi in. That is a 50% gain on your purchase … imagine if you could put $5000 into youtube advertising and get $7500 back at the end of the year. But getting a 50% return on Asimi has much more potential for growth because the supply of Asimi is limited and historically similar projects have shown an exponential increase in member base and purchasing activity. But the other projects were based in the US dollar  and more demand for something costing dollars does not increase the price of the dollar because the market is flooded with US dollars. Again, in the short month I have been with HASP, I have seen the price surge from 50 cents to 4.00.

Daily eyeballs on your business

There is a requirement to view an ad for 7 seconds to earn your Asimi for the day. Unlike Youtube ads which can often be disrupting to the audience experience, the members logged in expressly to view the ad.

Prior similar businesses prospered but had an Achilles’ Heel.

HASP currently has about 17,000 members. The previous high-quality cashback advertising models had many many more members and in most cases, the members got shafted when the weakness in the program brought it down.

  1. Traffic Monsoon had a similar model to HASP. Advertising packages cost $50 and revenue from all purchases were distributed fairly amount ad pack holders. Traffic Monsoon became the number 1 traffic exchange site in the world, displaying Easy Hits 4 U. Even with all the purchases of ad packs, all transactions were conducted in the US dollar, so all the buying did not increase the monetary value of the ad packs. In contrast, because all buying and selling in HASP goes through the Asimi token, a similar explosion in buying will lead to a steady increase in the price of the coin.
  2. Future Ad Pro has lasted for 2 years and going. They accept USD and Bitcoin for payment however, they have some restrictions and guarantees that HASP does not. First, you cannot have more than 1,000 ad packs. Next, each ad pack earns revenue share until 20% profit. Finally, each ad pack receives exactly 1% per day. So, if you got the maximim ad packs, you could expect 10,000 profit every 120 days or 30,000 per year. The Asimi token can show 20% profit in a *day* and there are no restrictions on amount you can purchase and certainly no guarantees on how much you get back. Again, if FutureAdPro had been based on their own token with a controlled supply, they could’ve expected a tremendous explosion in coin price over their 2 years. But there are many buyers and sellers of Bitcoin and USD outside of FutureAdPro, leading to the valuation of their ad packs being drowned out by all the various reasons someone might buy or sell Bitcoin or USD.

Luke Millard clearly put a lot of time into evaluating past projects when architecting

This idea is very promising

I really enjoyed listening to the CEO discuss what led to the creation of HASP:

After watching this, I feel great about the future of HASP.

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