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Press1Cash is an easy, lucrative part-time home-based business

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Press1Cash takes advantage of the fact that much communication has moved to text messaging. It allows you to build a home business without the old-school approach of manually inviting and talking to people. I registered without even speaking to my sponsor. Just a quick few texts back and forth and reading the one-page website and I had enough info to decide!

Easy: the system does 95% of the work

With Press1Cash, you don’t have much heavy lifting to do. To start creating income all you have to do is:

Post an ad

Let people call the automated message.

After listening, if they are interested they will press 1 (hence the program name, Press1Cash).

They then receive a text message linking them to your replicated website.

After reviewing your site, they may join.

If they don’t join consult the call log

If they dont join, the call log shows you who visited and what action they took.

Follow-up and see where they stand.

You can then send them a little text mesage follow-up. It was the follow-up that brought me in, after a brief chat with my sponsor.

Lucrative: Powerful 1-up comp plan

I personally dont like 1-ups. I would much rather a 2-level payout plan or something where I cooperate with my team instead of being placed in direct competition to them. That being said the 1-up comp plan is very powerful and has a long history of making people wealthy.

The idea of the 1-up is that each person you sponsor is required to pass up his first sale to you. So what this means is that 1 sale can lead to an infinite amount of revenue even with no more selling activity by yourself.

The problem with the 1-up is that you may be passing up a super-sponsor who could’ve brought a lot of business to you.

Part-time: all you do is text people back!

Having a job free of time and location constraints is excellent. As long as you can text the prospect back, you are working your business!

Well-designed: so easy to hit the ground running

The back-office for Press1Cash is very simple. Each time there is a next step, it shows right in front of you. All you have to do is follow each step one-by-one.

ok bye4now. cu l8r. ttyl

I wasnt really looking for a home business when I stumbled across Press1Cash. But when I saw how much of the business-building was automated, I just had to take the plunge. I’ve said it before and I will always say: “there is no best home business. Evaluate your options and if the shoe fits, wear it.”

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