May 17, 2022

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Eric Fakunle

1 min read

I met Eric Fakunle via LinkedIn yesterday and learned quite a few things during my 30-minute zoom call.

He spilled the beans on Elite Marketing Pro (rebranded as Attraction Marketing Formula) and he also made LegalShield relevant for me. Since he’s an attorney, his debate skills are slightly above average, but anyway:

Got a traffic ticket? Get it dismissed

Eric was happy to have a traffic ticket dismissed via LegalShield. The nice thing is he didnt even have to show up in court. That’s pretty good for a $25/mo a month membership (for the whole family at that), given that my average traffic ticket is about $150.

As a home business, he is a good person to talk to your referrals

It really helps a lot when you can have a lawyer speak to your prospective downline about Legal Shield.

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