May 19, 2022

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Steven Simmons

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My Money Magick is proud to partner with Steven Simmons and his wide array of prosperous talents:

Angel Investor Program for People with No Credit or Bad Credit

Takes a person with no credit or bad credit (or heck, just anyone who wants 50k in 3-6 months) and gets them 50k within 3-6 months. If the person has no money, then the angel investor puts put the 2500 to build out the LLC and gets 5k 3-6 months later. Along the way, they also repair the person’s credit. The whole process is handled by Whitsett and Whitsett. Also note 10k of the 50k goes into the “Hedge Fund for Non-Accredited Investors” discussed below.

Whole Life Insurance Wizardry

Whole Life Policy. To Steven a Whole Life Insurance Policy is a way to save money. If he puts 100k into a Transactional Insurance Policy, it is Building 5-10% a year. He can take out 92% as a line of credit (note well: the original 100k is not in play). Take 92k to do what they want to do, like make more profit!

Hedge Fund for Non-Accredited Investors (HFNAI)

HFNAI can pay 100% ROI on $10k in 3- 6 mos by

  1. assisting the funding process of LLCs who need $2k-$3k to launch.
  2. providing gap funding for nearly-done real estate deals

Hedge Fund for Accredited Investors

Earn11 is his fund for accredited investors.

Trust Formation

Now we already have 1 partner offering the Natural Law Trust. But it’s up to you, the informed investor, to decide whether to use Taansen’s product or Steven’s.


Virtual Financial Group

He also uses his life insurance license as part of the turnkey Life Insurance agency virtual financial group.



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