What is a good home business? Karatbars International of course!

Summary of Karatbars International

  • Company Name: Karatbars International
  • CEO: Harald Seiz
  • Product type: gold-backed financial ecosystem
  • Price: free for customers, affiliates choose packages ranging from $200 to 1 million USD based on interest level.
  • Company age and location: 8 years. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with banking facilities in Miami, FL, Hong Kong and Frankfurt, Germany. 20,000 ATM machines around the world.
  • Best for: people who want to earn without referring others and also people who want to earn from referring others.
  • Rating: Rating 95/100

The Best Home Business Has to Have Both Wings to Fly…

Passive income is money you make while you sleep. And money that you make without having your friends block you from your phone because you keep trying to recruit them.

Active income is money obtained from actively building a team.

You gotta have both to be number one baby!

When a company pays only for active sponsoring, then people like my friend who works 50-60 hours a week makes no money because she has no time for active sponsoring. When a company only pays for passive income, then I don’t make money when I text a photo of my earnings to my friend.

Karatbars has multiple powerful ways to give you regular passive income. They are all covered in the second video here. But to keep it short, let’s say:

  1. The company is mining 3kg of gold per week and that leads to profits for in the KBC coin. Because the coin is backed by an ever-increasing amount of gold. Unlike the Gold Standard from 1944 to 1971 where the exchange rate between the dollar and gold is fixed, this coin is backed by more and more gold each week and the law of supply and demand forces exponential growth in the coin value as a result. Currently 10,000 KBC coins will get you 1g of gold but the CEO has publicly declared on Facebook that on July 4 2019 (Golden Independence Day) that 100 KBC coins will get you 1g of gold. 100-fold growth passively is pretty nice wouldnt you think?
  2. The company has numerous other aspects to their financial eco-system, all of which are geared to generate 1 billion dollars of annual revenue and the other coin, KCB, is backed by all the profits of this eco-system. Again, watch the 2nd video here to get the big picture.

Is tripling your Bitcoin in 3 months good enough for you?

Virtual Coin for Physical Gold Leads to Best Price and Usage

When you buy the KBC coin, you are buying a coin that is backed by more and more gold each week. That means if you had the option of exchanging 100KBC for 0.1g of gold this week, you can look forward to exchanging it for more gold in the future.

Also, another important thing to face:

The World is Going Digital!

90% of all my purchases and bill payments are done without me touching cash or a checkbook. So cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital money is the future. And right now, as we speak, you can get virtual tokens exchangeable for physical gold at the rate of 24 dollars for 1g of gold.

Say what?

That’s right!

Visit the exchange and look at the exchange rate of UNV to USD. “UNV” is short for unival. A unival is 1/10th of a gram of gold.

Given that 1g of low-quality gold costs about $45, it is astonishing that 1g of Karatbars gold, which is the highest quality (LBMA certified with kinebar technology) can be obtained at this price, especially given that physical Karatbars gold runs about $70.

But again, the key is that virtual gold is more useful on a daily basis than physical gold. But with Karatbars you can have both. You can have virtual gold but you can also acquire physical gold at our ATM or banking locations.

Honest Money

The vision of this company is noble and far-reaching. They want to return THE WORLD to honest money (gold). And they want gold in hands of everyone, regardless of economic status. 

It’s easy when you can buy fractions of a gram virtually!

The digital age has introduced cryptocurrency coins that divide into portions 100,oo0 times smaller than a penny. That means, the poorest person on this earth can still acquire gold and even his pennies will mushroom into dollars. Why? Because Karatbars is reducing the supply of gold globally and fast. And the coin they are acquiring is limited as well. Supply and demand takes over and the oldest most stable form of money in digital form has no way to go but up baby!!!

We don’t just talk the talk…

We are walking the walk in Guinea, West Africa where the largest gold mine is…. 700 tonnes of gold, begging for us to mine it and we have the license and intend to do just that!!!

Guess who is going to be mining the gold and supplying the citizens with a coin backed by gold? The Queen of England? Michael Jackson? Caitlyn Jenner? Uhh… no! Karatbars International.

Africans know about failed currency!

They saw what happened in Zimbabwe. When word gets out that an African nation is not operating on fake government monopoly money, brace yourself for a buying frenzy.

The Middle East isn’t far away from Africa…

Don’t you think the Middle East is tired of trading precious oil for the US dollar? I would, given that the US dollar is backed by 17 trillion dollars of debt and continually loses purchasing power. I would much rather have real money gold myself. and the Arabian sheiks will soon agree

But is it really the BEST home business?

Yes! Why? Cuz I said so! No, really…

Here’s an exercise for you!

So here’s an exercise for you: google for the 20 best home businesses and then look at how they are trying to improve the world. There will be miracle health juices, self-improvement products, and more. But, using my crystal ball I am going to tell you: every single one of them is based on the US dollar and the US dollar has been sliding towards complete devaluation since 1913. So that means every one of those home businesses is a stack of cards. I know it makes me seem bigoted or crazy, but it actually is financial and historical fact. But since it was not taught in the early years, no one thinks about it or takes it seriously. I hope you are different.

Tell Your Friends and Get Paid!

Once you are raking in some good passive income, you can tell your friends…. Let me say that again: once you are raking in some good passive income you can tell you friends.

Your friends won’t believe there is money in it until you show them

With most home businesses, you show your friends a presentation and you have done nothing but go in the hole financially for an affiliate kit. With Karatbars, you can kick back, rake in the passive income, and show your friends why the passive income will never stop… a much more promising situation than having your friends block you in your phone because they are tired of you trying to suck them in.

What’s better, The Karatbars compensation plan pays you generously on your entire network of referrals regardless of how deep or wide you build your team of people aligned with the vision. I know people in MLMs who have customer gathering requirements. That is, for every affiliate they sponsor they have to sponsor a certain number of customers. Not true here – your entire network can be affiliates because it is an affiliate compensation plan not an MLM.

We got that secret bang bang…

You know how most business have a product, customers and affiliates? and nothing else? Well guess what?

Wanna make money every time someone uses an ATM machine? Cool!

Wanna make money every time a merchant accepts gold for payment? Super cool!

Wanna make money every time someone makes a transaction at a bank? No problemo!!!

Multiple streams of income never looked this nice.

There is no best home business

But there is a business that gives me a sense of noble purpose and direction. I’m not just in a gold business. I’m not just in a multi-level compensation plan. I’m saving mothers and children and grandchildren from the intentional lies of bankers and poor decisions made by every government on this earth. I realize this sounds like a grand claim, but when you attend the live talks, you will become more and more confident of just what the Golden Age can look like in the next few years.


Author: Terrence Brannon

28 thoughts on “What is a good home business? Karatbars International of course!

  1. I agreed about gold will be the future of the real currency which will be accepted worldwide and replace all the papers. This is really a good opportunity. Karatbars is new to me, but what you write here looks promising and I will have a look on these. Thank you for sharing your review and knowledge on future of money.

  2. This is a great subject! 

    My husband and his brother were both gold miners, may they rest in peace. 

    It is a lot of work if you are mining for it, but this sounds like the way to get into gold if you ask me! 

    Trust me I have done my fair share of rock hucking, shoveling, carrying buckets of dirt and water, and sweeping bedrock. 

    Then you run your finds through what is called a sluece box and then you pan down the remains to get as much of the gold to stay at the bottom of your gold pan. 

    We had what is called a Wheel for getting the blacksand out and leaving you with mostly raw gold at the end. 

    This was quite the adventure sometimes, but always very hard work!! I am 100% positive that I would rather invest in it, and get paid in gold, however this system works.

    I will be checking into this more indepth, as this is a huge interest to me, I trust in gold. 

    Before my mom passed my husband and I had over 12 oz.. My mom got real sick with cancer and I had to get back to Iowa to see her. So, we ended up selling it at a fairly low price, as gold was running at like $350 per troy oz. at the time, not real sure what it is right now, at least we had it when we needed it.

    I know one thing for sure Gold is worth more than any paper money ever will be and that anyone can take to the bank, as they say lol.


    1. Wow, actual gold miners. I saw people panning the river for gold in this page I put together – http://karatbars.iwantyoutoprosper.com/zimbabwe/supreme   that really is back-breaking work. I’m like you, I would rather invest in it and the gold-backed coin is available on the open market. But I also cant quit telling people about it. Whenever I see a mother and her kid, I hand them a piece of paper with all the things I know that the banks and governments are hiding from people. Instead of educating the public about gold, you could have an MBA from Harvard and still be holding nothing but paper and that is exactly how the banks and governments want it.

      12 oz is about 1/3rd of a kg. That was a nice stash. A troy ounce is trading for about 4 times what you got for your gold back then.

      If history is any indicator, then there is very little possibility of paper money ever having the value of gold. So I agree with you there too. 

      Nice talking to you.

  3. Good Evening, Terrence and thanks for this article.  An interesting read indeed.  

    I am NOT an authority on money and gold but I remember when the Canadian Government did the same thing and now, somehow our Canadian dollar has become attached to oil of all things, not gold.

    I also remember a time, in my late teens, when our dollar was worth a lot more than the American Dollar, (somewhere back in the dark ages of the mid-60s I think).  But, sadly, I think those days have gone the way of the Dodo bird and will probably never return.

    My wife and I are heading towards Retirement soon, (she is 63 and I am 69) and we will have limited income from our RSPs and Gov. Pensions.  How can we make things better with gold seeing that it, gold, is so expensive these days?  $63 doesn’t buy very much these days so How can I make it work for us?

    I appreciate any thoughts you might have about this,


    1. Ah, well, there are two ways to apply leverage to get gold for cheap or free in Karatbars. The first is to understand that when you buy the cryptocurrency, you are buying a cryptocurrency which is backed by more and more gold every week. The CEO has posted on his Facebook page that 100 KBC coins will be worth 1g of gold on Golden Independence Day July 4 2019. Right now, you can get 100 KBC coins for between 2 to 4 dollars, which means, that if you buy and hold those coins until July, you acquired 1g of gold for between 2 and 4 dollars instead of $63.

      Next, Karatbars’ compensation plan rewards you for building a team. You get 10% for everyone you refer, so using your price $63, you would get $6.30 for each person that bought gold that you directly introduced. You get 3% on your second level of referral and 2% on the third level. So,  once your team of gold-savers is between 10 and 30 people, your gold is now free. There are other aspects to the comp plan, but that just gives you an idea of how to reduce the cost of your gold purchase to zero.

      I cant help but share one example. Let’s say you know 3 people who want to save in gold. OK, great. You get 10% of their purchases, for a total 30%. Now if they each know 3 people who want to save in gold, you have 9 people on your second level and you get 3% of their purchases. 9 people times 3% per person is 27%. 30% + 27% is 57% which means your gold is now half-price. And then, those 9 people each introduce 3 people and you get 2% for each person on your 3rd level. So you get 2% times 27% people for another 54%. so now you gold is free for forming a small team where you only introduced 3 people directly!

  4. Hi Terrence; Karatbars seems to be silently taking over the Financial world these days, there are many talks about among private citizens of some countries, While some big business owners will hold talks about the karatbars only few will be brave to speak out once or twice. 

    It is a fact that many of the big guys are trading the currency but they are doing it in a way they said will take Government by surprise. Are you really serious about the coin going for only 2 dollars? Tell me more about I want to know


    1. It definitely is a silent takeover. The dollar steadily declines while they continue to acquire more and more gold and there is only a limited supply. The coin is trading for 2 cents, not 2 dollars. Just go to CoinMarketCap.com and search for KBC. I recommend to buy it at HitBTC or CoinSuper – the karatbit exchange is still in beta. They are very supportive if you have problems, but I recommend a mature exchange.

      But I’m sure you will agree – based on all the services in Karatbars, 2 cents is a steal for this coin.

  5. Karatbars International sounds like an amazing platform. It is good to know that they willing to give back to the society. It is also great that they have health compensations. That is something which can motivate me along the way. I am always looking for opportunities to invest so I think this is my place to be. 

    Thank you for letting us know about Karatbars International. 

  6. Hi Terrance, 

    This was a very interesting and well-written article. This sounds like a great home business to have. The Karatbars process seems very straightforward and understandable. I didn’t know that they were any MLM gold businesses out there so this is very exciting to me. This seems like a great opportunity. I am definitely going to look into this. Thank you for the great information! 

    1. I know of a few other gold mlm businesses – ISNcoins rebranded itself as MintBuilder. And then there is Swiss Gold Global (SGG). I am a pros and cons guy and I see strengths and weaknesses to each of these programs as well as karatbars. The one appealing thing about MintBuilder is that it is turnkey – once you join, you have everything you need to build your business  because they supply all affiliate marketing materials in-house. It’s very simple. Swiss Gold Global offers cryptocurrency mining packages as well as gold and silver whereas karatbars is just gold. I think the main strength of karatbars is the size of the vision. Harald Seiz (Karatbars CEO) is on a mission to return the world to honest money and is putting everything in place to do it. No government has escaped the snares of the central banks so it took a private individual to give the world what it hungers for. If you understand the concept of a strawman and the fact that the banker profits 200% on every loan/mortgage on DAY ONE, then you see how the elite are getting right at the expense of the common man and misleading him every step of the way on purpose. Being a fully licensed crypto bank, Karatbars plans to set the standard for fair open transparent commerce.

  7. Very interesting article. The UK (my home country) abandoned the gold standard way back at the start of World War 1. There was a simultaneous plea to citizens not to redeem their paper cash for gold. This at a time when the Bank of England was influential across the whole British Empire. How the wheel comes full circle. Cryptocurrency seems to become more popular despite many naysayers. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Karatbars.

    1. There is a compelling YouTube video called “All Wars are Banker’s Wars” which would echo your report about abandoning the gold standard. I wonder if they would’ve had the gold honor the redemption of the paper. Cryptocurrency is taking a bit of a hit on reputation right now because we are not in a constant bull run, but who realistically expects that of any market?! But definitely a stablecoin backed by a historically stable asset is a serious contribution to the crypto space.

  8. This is very interesting and I have heard of it and visited the web site.  There could be opportunities here, but having to attract new people constantly isn’t my thing (MLM)

    Also, I don’t like the gold markup.  It makes me wonder why I would buy into it.

    Again, it seems ok, but the monetary figures being tossed out there are not realistic in my mind for it to attract me

    1. Hey Stew, the whole purpose of MLM is so that you don’t have to attract new people – you build deep after building your small core team. Also, to be technically correct, Karatbars is a gold company with an optional affiliate program that pays on multiple levels. It might be MLM by some definitions but not others. Melaleuca says that it is not an MLM because of how it defines the term.

      Anyway, moving on to the question about gold-markup, it’s a common question of those who are not familiar with the grades of gold and the security and quality features that come with each grade. You would need to compare Karatbars gold to Kinebar grade gold to decide on price. Furthermore, what price can you put on the opportunity to get gold for free. And even beyond that, you can acquire karatbars gold by buying the cryptocoin, which always increases in value, because it is always backed by more and more gold.

      Yes, I know the feeling about realistic figures. I’ve encountered things that I felt were too good to be true and some were too good to be true and in other cases I missed out. But I did buy Bitcoin at $300 and saw it go to $19,000 which no one would ‘ve believed for a digital coin backed by nothing. So imagine when more and more people see all that these coins are backed by.

  9. Thank you very much for this great post. I find it really nice and an eye opener in the realm of investment. I think karatbats is taking over the gold world and they really deserve it. How can I invest through karatbars.i will be grateful if you can explain more about investment. Thank you. 

    1. Karatbars is a vast financial eco-system with many different ways to invest. Masternodes were just introduced, so no presentation material covers it. However, the 2nd video in the 3-part series here covers all other investment options – http://freegold.biz/eldorado/s

  10. Oooh what a great post, personally karatbars is not that much familiar to me, but as I was going through your content, I learnt on how it operates and j think it’s worth giving it a trial, I believe that gold will be having a great impact in the new future in measurements of wealth, I really appreciate coming across this post, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about, this thank you.

    From Joy.

    1. You’re welcome. I can’t predict the future, but I know that gold has preserved value for thousands of years and is the only method of payment accepted worldwide.  Thanks for subscribing.

  11. Terrance,

    Ever since the gold rush happened years ago in the United States this has been the real worth in the world not just here but everywhere.  Has all the gold on earth been mined or depleted I highly doubt this is true but they are still mining for it in Alaska and in the Oceans therefore the value is going to be around for a very long time.  What will happen when all the currency we count on today to pay our bills and for our good diminishes to zero?  This is a question that I do not feel anyone has an answer for because they feel it is never going to happen!

    Thank you for making more people aware that it can and will happen eventually,


    1. Regarding the depletion of gold, there is a 700 ton gold mine in Guinea West Africa that we will be mining (and supplying the citizens with a digital coin redeemable for gold). We also mine 3kg/gold per week at Ft. Dauphin in Madagascar Turkey. 

      You are right, very few people prepare for the flood – only Noah and a few livestock did 😉

  12. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a necessary information Good home businesses.I learned about Karatbars International by reading your article and the Karatbars are really a great site. I have been very successful in knowing about karatbars.I like your article very much.Thanks for sharing this informative information with us.

  13. This  business sounds interesting but I don’t like referral programs and I hope I can earn good money through Karatbars without referring anyone. If so,, how much do I need to start business with Karatbars and what will be my Return On Investment per day, per week and per month? 

    How  does the business of  karat bars work.  What will be my own role or obligations in the business.

    1. Yes, the Karatbars profit packages allow you to profit without sponsoring anyone. You definitely can earn good money without sponsoring anyone. In a wide variety of ways, depending on your budget and preferences. There are Masternodes available if you have about 150k to invest. The profit packages with annual gold returns start at 25k. The smallest profit package at 150 euros comes with 150e worth of KCB coin and if you look at the 5-year growth plan of Karatbars, you can calculate the exponential gain that even a small package like that will give you.

      The key is that the coin is backed by more and more gold: 50% of all company profits buy gold to increase the backing of the coin. 

      The CEO has proclaimed on Facebook that 100KBC will equal 1g gold on July 4 2019… currently the KBC coin is 200 times cheaper than that. 

      I dont know of any promises for daily, weekly or monthly gains.

  14. This is really a interesting website. I agree that gold will be the future currency.  Karatbars is new to me, but what you write about does look promising. I do know one thing for sure ,that Gold is worth more than any paper money ever will be .Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge on money in the future. Very interesting to me! 

  15. Thank you for sharing ¨What is a good home business? Karatbars International of course!¨ I ask myself :¨where is the meat?¨ The program is certainly not a model of earning commissions from sales and you don´t make much earnings on the profits on Gold. I understand that to get started, you pay more initially, but you´re buying into an Affiliate Program. Later on the price of your Gold will get cheaper and cheaper as the team you gain have other members under them. Am I right? What I find is the you have to constantly get more new members to join in order to boost your sales volume, and raise the sum of money you make – I have no problem with this aspect of Karat, since  this is no different than network marketing requiring you to recruit more members  and make more sales.I find only one major flaw with Karatbars. The pricing of the Gold bars. The truth is they sell their 1 gram Gold Bars roughly 33% above market value. This makes me wonder why I or anybody else would buy from them?

    1. I like a good counter viewpoint. Your statement “Later on the price of your Gold will get cheaper and cheaper as the team you gain have other members under them.” seems to be missing some vital information. The ideal way to acquire gold in Karatbars is to buy the gold-backed cryptocurrency, not gold itself. 

      Let’s take an example. If you buy 1g of gold for $65 then you have…. 1g of gold! if you spend that same $65 on the KBC coin, which is currently available for 2 or 3 cents per coin then you can get 2400 coins for that same $65. 

      The 5-year growth plan of the coin includes July 4 2019, where 100KBC = 1g gold. So you can get 24g of gold for $65 based on that growth projection of the coin with no sponsoring needed.

      The pricing objection is quite common and is addressed here.

  16. I’ve been thinking for the world to adopt the honest money (Gold) is truly a very difficult goal to achieve, the whole world has relied totally on the currency and it has become part of them. But when Cryptocurrencies sprang up and the whole world adopted it, I know it’s possible for the honest money system to also work out. Karatbars has truly taken the bold step to bring back the honest money system.

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