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This website has a simple purpose. To come up with a workable version of the fund-invest-retire concept:

  1. You have good credit (or we will repair with our credit profile administrative process)
  2. You get funding on the business side
  3. You put the funding into high yield automated profit systems (real estate, cryptocurrency, options/forex trading, gold and silver).
  4. You service the debt with some of the profit. You live on the remainder of the profit.

Credit Repair is good, our process gets you paid back for wrong items.

Imagine receiving $1,000 per bureau for each incorrect item on your credit report.


We make business funding easy – get up to 250k for corp/llc per year. We also have gap funding – where we dump cash into your bank account with no credit check.


This is the tricky part. This where you need solid proven systems. Our focuses are real estate, cryptocurrency, options trading and forex trading – all 100% automated and all turned over to experts.

Wealth Protection

The above sections were about acquisition of wealth. The 2 other aspects below are protection and transfer of wealth.

Do not file or pay the federal income tax

Only residents of Washington, DC are required to file or pay federal income tax. Furthermore, signing an income tax form violates your right to ever submit potentially incriminating information against yourself. This is not just me saying this. The founder of Freedom Law School defeated the IRS in court 30 years ago and has not paid a penny of income tax since.

Gold is Real Money

Do you have a savings plan? Is it is in real money gold or the US dollar (which is headed towards zero). Learn about an exciting way to acquire gold and earn an income in sharing this important message. And claim a free bar of silver while you’re at it!

Once Again, Welcome

Terrence, Founding Apprentice at MyMoneyMagick.com



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2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Money Magick

  1. IM not sure how I fit into your website. I dont have investments and Im just trying to pay off all my bills .

    1. hey John, my flagship program is Tardus. It requires about $500/mo and a credit score of around 650 or so. If you meet those requirements, then feel free to learn more by browsing to https://tardus.may69.com


      By the way, how did you find my website?

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