For most of my life, I never really thought about income tax. I was an employee and a certain chunk of my pay was taken out and I always looked forward to getting a refund at the end of the year. I had a lot of provably false notions about income tax and the IRS, such as:

  1. Income tax is put to good use to pay for much needed public improvement
  2. The IRS is a government agency
  3. Since I was born in the USA, I am required to pay income tax.

I would say that many people carry these notions with them from cradle to grave thanks to how popular these lies are. But you know what:

Booker T. Washington

“A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.”

― Booker T. Washington

Lie Number One: Income tax is put to good use to pay for much needed public improvement

I remember when my friend and founder of the ADSactly cooperative first told me I didn’t have to pay income tax. I thought he was crazy. He was too direct in his approach and I simply blew him off. Well, too bad for me because it led to a 30,000 tax bill during my first year of self-employment. But again:

the main reason that I felt fine with paying income tax is because I firmly believed that the money was being put to good use to improve society.



False Belief!

Remember I did use the word “believe” above right? Well, let’s see what a president who actually had the research done has to say:

And guess who our bankrupt government is in debt to? The Federal Reserve – a private cartel of bankers. The so-called US dollar is lent to us by the Federal Reserve in exchange for Treasury bonds that we must pay interest on and guess where a good amount of that payment comes from? For 32 years, it came from me and my labor thanks to our government milking me like a cow and feeding me lies all the while.

During the process of removing myself from the tax system, I first stopped all federal witholdings. For some reason, ADP did not stop my state witholdings. The attorney/friend who was processing my removal from the IRS tax system then informed me he would stop the state witholdings. it was a this point that I told them that I didnt mind the state witholdings if they were being put to good use. it was at this point that my attorney/friend gave me an earful, informing me that state embezzlement of taxes was worse than federal!

Lie Number 2: The IRS is a Government Agency

The IRS is Not a US government agency.  It is an agency of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Diversified Metal Products v I.R.S et al.  CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391)

I thank Stop the Pirates for this excellent information. I’m not sure why he is no longer posting.

And of course Lie number 2 goes nicely with lie number 1 and the government allows you to connect the dots and make the false picture: “well, the IRS is a government agency and they collect taxes for the government to improve public works” and good ol’ Uncle Sam is fine with you believing the lie because it helps the bankrupt government stay afloat.

Lie Number 3: I was born on US soil, so I am obligated to pay taxes.

First of all there is no single thing as US soil. “One Nation Under God” is mass-hypnosis to those who have read “Cooperative Federalism” by Gerald Brown, Ed.D. (a free PDF). But to keep it simple, the people born in the 50 states are American nationals of a particular republic. For instance, I am an American National of the Georgia republic… I AM NOT A US CITIZEN!!!!! I have no necessary obligation or allegiance to the federal government, whose jurisdiction is limited Washington DC and a few territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam. Their presence in my Georgia republic is a courtesy of us – THEY ARE A FOREIGN ENTITY IN MY REPUBLIC!!!! So watch your manners in my house!

Super Facts: Peymon Interviews Joe Banister

Pick a program to send the IRS Packing!

Unless you like making evil bankers filthy rich, you should not be paying federal or state income tax. The legal/lawful reasons for not filing income tax depend on how you approach this issue. The IRS freedom movement has many organizations. Even though each organization is highly effective in freeing people from the shackles of the IRS forever, they do not agree on the theory and practice of doing so:

  1. Freedom Law School is celebrating its 20th year of educating people about IRS tax freedom. The head of Freedom Law School, Peymon Mottahedeh, won against the IRS long ago when they tried to sue him for half a million dollars. He hasnt paid taxes for 30 years and He has a live show every Thursday at 7pm. Contact them to have a free information packet sent to you and mention Terrence-Monroe: Brannon sent you.
  2. Look up Whitey Harrell – he defeated the IRS’s criminal charges against him as you can see in this video.
  3. Pete Hendrickson of Lost Horizons has written a book, Cracking the Code, that has led to over 14 million dollars being recovered in income tax and social security. These resources are listed in order of quality and it is DOUBTFUL that anything will ever surpass this book. Just look at all the testimonials by normal people on his YouTube channel. And Pete recently produced a video which gives a capsule summary of all his theory and practiced.
  4. Attorney Lowell “Larry” Becraft is featured on the Innocence DVD and aggressively debunks a number of esoteric woo-woo  approaches to tax freedom. He also runs the Dixieland Law Journal. He body-slammed the IRS in the landmark court decision U.S. V. LLOYD R. LONG
  5. Income Tax Ripoff is a collective site of numerous people successful in navigating the federal income tax system.
  6. Truth Attack is a long-lived tax activism network with a positive track record against the IRS. The founder, Steve Hempfling, apparently was a student of Peymon’s at one point.
  7. My original approach was somewhat esoteric and based on citizenship as a state national and separation between the living man and the commercial entity ascribed to me at birth. I was personally referred to an attorney that performed the Revocation of Election (ROE) himself in the 80s. You Have the Right provides the same process for little or no cost. Similar forms and arguments are found here as well for free.

This article was intended as a general overview of the necessity of tax freedom. In a separate article I write about my journey to tax freedom.

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6 thoughts on “DO *NOT* FILE or PAY INCOME TAX

  1. Wauw..
    All this time paying income taxes was literally unnecessary. I think that too little people know this, i even thought that they used the money for improving society. I live in europe so i should find out if they’re not doing the same. over here. This is even a reason to move my company to a non taxable country.

    1. Hi Gail, I study with Tarhaka Bey, who has a lot of direct personal experience in clearing every kind of nameable debt (foreclosure, credit card, student loan, car loan, etc). He is very approachable. You can call him at 904-303-9061 and visit his website at

      Do let me know how it goes if you decide to pursue this route.

    2. Gail I woke up thinking about your question. If your question is practical and you do have various entities coming at you to take your things, then by all means call my teacher Tarhaka Bey and let him handle your situations, be it with the IRS, debt collectors, credit cards, etc.

      On the other hand, if your question is theoretical and you are just planning for the future, then the most important things for you are formation of a trust and correction of your status. Once you form a trust and place your assets under it, then no one can get at your assets or tax them. That’s why you see things like the Clinton Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, etc. The other thing is that you need to do is status correction. If you are a US citizen, then you are subject to laws of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. Once your status is corrected to state national or some other status, then you can sue and win in common law court as opposed to the rigged commercial courts.

      The final thing to do would be to go on the offensive with certified letters, offering the IRS an chance to sign an affidavit or affidavits affirming you are obligated to them. An affidavit unrebutted stands as truth, and once you have documented their lack of reply within required time period, any future attempts by them to assault you or your property would fail because of their failure to rebut your affidavits.

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