The IRS has no legal AUTHORITY to forcefully seize any of your assets / paychecks for any b s reason they might come up with.

I’ve mentioned this before but now I want you to OWN this most important info – a page long.

This is like the bottom line of the bottom line with the IRS attacking you or anyone – to collect tax $ from you or anyone. Not going to happen if you know this below:

1. In a nut shell, the IRS has no legal AUTHORITY granted to it by Congress – to force people to pay income taxes or interest or “Frivolous” filing fees or whatever their claim for $ is.

2. Any and every action the IRS will or might take against you & Rick will originate or stem from an alleged Title 26 / IRC “ADMINISTRATIVE” code section violation.

3. There are no Title 26 “ENFORCEMENT” regulations giving the IRS AUTHORITY – applicable to any “ADMINISTRATIVE” tax code sections in the tax codes that the IRS might claim you have violated – like say “Failure to file Tax returns.”

4. “ENFORCEMENT” regulations are applicable to the IRS’s AUTHORITY – Authority to collect taxes / interest / penalties from you by say seizing your assets / bank accounts, “lock-in” letter etc.

5. Because there are no ENFORCEMENT regs applicable to Title 26 – where any claim against you would start – the IRS tries to FAKE IT by using Title 27 – Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)  ENFORCEMENT regulations to seize your / anyone’s assets / bank accounts / property / paychecks., or, there is NO ENFORCEMENT regulation for what $ amounts the IRS is illegally claiming you owe them.

6. However, the law says the IRS cannot use the “enforcement” regs from any of the other USC Titles – like Title 27 (ATF), to enforce the collection or seizures of alleged income taxes not volunteeringly paid by people – like you & R. However, the IRS has no choice but to secretly and privately and very quietly (hope nobody notices) claim (fake it) that their AUTHORITY to take, seize, garnish one’s wages or pensions – is derived from Title 27 – which is a bold face lie – as the law prohibits any USC Title – like Title 26 (taxes) – to use Title 27 “collect money” “enforcement” regulations as their AUTHORITY to seize anyone’s $ or assets related to any alleged Title 26 ADMINISTRATIVE regulation code section the IRS will claim you violated;

7. And the law is: 1 CFR 21.21(c) – which indirectly says: No USC Title (26) can use another Title’s enforcement codes (Title 27) to “enforce” (force collect taxes, penalties and interest) Administrative code sections within their USC Title – like Title 26, meaning, the IRS cannot use Title 27 enforcement regulations to seizes or levy any alleged income taxes due related to Title 26itle 26.

8. The IRS is prohibited by 1 CFR 21.21(c) to use any other USC Title’s enforcement AUTHORITY (Title 27) to collect alleged taxes, interest, and penalties allegedly due because of an alleged violation of a Title 26 ADMINISTRATIVE code section.  So just get a tattoo on your back that says this and whip off your shirt and show it to them when any IRS agent is in front of you claiming they have the right to take your assets (lol).

9. This is why this tiny little fact is a keeper for you – that 99% of the people are not aware of.  When the IRS knows you know this – they know they could be going to jail if they don’t immediately cease & desist any further back tax collection actions. Pretty powerful stuff, huh? The same info is below – said a little differently. 

10. See attached ENFORCEMENT REGULATIONS – that show certain Title 26 code section violations the IRS might throw at you & Rick – and notice what the ENFORCEMENT regulation is. I rest my case.

Here it is above – 1 CFR 21.21(c). The IRS – IRC is prohibited by law to use Title 27 enforcement regs to collect / seize money from Linda – or ANYONE – whether they are “taxpayers” or not.

Their regulations say:  No cross referencing. The IRS cannot use Title 27 (“ONLY” applicable to ATF code VIOLATIONS – “enforcement”) when trying to “ENFORCE” an IRC – Title 26 “ADMINISTRATIVE” code section violation (like willful failure to file).  See the 26 USC Subtitle F – ENFORCEMENT REGULATIONS one page I sent you yesterday.  “Enforcement” means – COLLECT MONEY FROM LINDA for her alleged IRC “ADMINISTRATIVE” code section violation.

The IRS’s “ADMINISTRATIVE” code section they most likely used against Linda’s pension seizure was probably section 6331. Now look at the one page I just sent you (attached) and where does sec. 6331 cross reference to — in the Parallel Tables of “AUTHORITY” – Subtitle F ENFORCEMENT REGULATIONS – aka “collect money” enforcement regulations applicable to probably sec. 6331?

Code sec. 6331 cross references to Title 27 – does it not? (see the one pg. attached). The IRS has no “collect money from Linda” “ENFORCEMENT” AUTHORITY UNDER TITLE 26 because THERE ARE NO ENFORCEMENT REGS that AUTHORIZE the IRS to seize anyone’s money or assets when the people don’t “VOLUNTEER” to DONATE  – under Title 26 – by volunteering to file a 1040 form – because ALL alleged income taxes paid by everyone are just merely “DONATIONS to the Treasury. – see Title 31 or my ROE about this. VOLUNTARY DONATIONS are not MANDATORY – so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Linda or anyone to violate any IRC income tax regulation when she chose to not volunteer to DONATE by filing a 1040 form.

The IRS has no Title 26 ENFORCEMENT regs “AUTHORITY” to collect Linda’s money, so the IRS has to try to fake it — that it’s OK for them to use Title 27 enforcement regulations (to collect $) – to get their AUTHORITY to seize Linda’s pension — but Linda didn’t violate any Title 27 ATF ADMINISTRATIVE regulations b/c she has / had no dealings with ATF “ACTIVITIES.”  Now see what 1 CFR 21.21(c) says. The IRS has no AUTHORITY to seize her pension money as they cannot use Title 27 (collect money) enforcement regs — regardless of whether Linda is a taxpayer or not.  What better argument can you make? 


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