Elite Marketing Pro: a fresh look

I came across Elite Marketing Pro about 3 months ago on Facebook. I really liked the post by Brandy Shaver that showed up on my wall. I liked how her writing literally drew me into her organic funnel. I ended up opting into her mailing list and reading her daily missives and when I joined my new MLM, I resolved that I would build a big team using her Attraction Marketing Methods.

Her mentor is Ferny Ceballos, a person with an impressive tech background who was also struggling to find good leads. I purchased their $27 front-end package and then went ahead and coughed up another $97 for their next offering because it actually offered the training that I thought I was going to get in the $27 package… there was a countdown timer on the offer so I only spent 45 minutes waffling back and forth before plunking down the cash.

The content is good and I’m sure their ideas work if you put in the time and money. But after speaking with Eric Fakunle, I now have the following reasons for not moving further with Elite Marketing Pro


The number one reason that most people do or don’t do anything is how much they have to pay for it. The low-cost entry products of EMP (elite marketing pro) are the tip of an iceberg that tops out at 10k.

Why am I freaking out about 10k?

How would an Amazon store cost me? How about a Subway franchise? What about a 1 year in college?

Really, if investing were rock-solid, then it would be great to slam 10k into some sort of Fund-Invest-Retire program and let the high yield from the investment pave my way down the yellow brick road.

But anyway, I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT 10k because it’s my mind, body and wallet and I want to!!!

But if you think paying 10k to build a team is worth it, then go ahead. But make sure that you duplicate and get your investment back.

EMP is based around Facebook

Teaching people to build a home business has a few problems:

Problem #1 – Facebook is not a business platform and the people there are not necessarily professional

If you feel like prospecting soccer moms and yoga instructors and what-not, then go right ahead, they are right there in your friends list or your friends list. You will need to get them into a business mindset and then into an MLM mindset. Two painful hurdles. But it can definitely work if you persevere. Frazer Brookes was successful that way.

Problem #2 – Facebook dont like NO MLM

If Facebook gets a whiff of MLM, they just might close yo ass down. They are quite restrictive on what you can say and pretty soon you might find links to your business blocked in their chat. I’m just saying this from theory. It’s never happened to me.. cough, cough.

Other than that, it rocks

I think the $27 and $97 packages are very informative and full of ideas that you can apply yourself to attract people. And some day I may do that. But right now, I will stick with my chosen methods for building a home business.

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