All the ways I make (passive) income

First, I have a day job as a professional computer programmer.

This is non-passive income of 120k/year.

I add authorized users to my credit cards and make $400 per card. This is semi-passive income.

I currently do this for 3 credit cards but have done so for as many as 6, for a monthly income of $1200 to $2400. It only takes 2-3 hours to make this money and I only have do it one day per month because all of my cards have roughly the same due date.

I call this semi-passive income because it is very little work compared to the income. I make 10k/month as a programmer, but that requires 20-25 days of work per month. But I could easily make 10k/month if I simply had 25 cards and it would only take me one or 2 days to add the users for the same income.

I have automated forex robots

I turned 2,000 into 5,700 with Spider Crazy Pro EA in about 5 months. I can scale this out for greater income. But I am aligning myself with a different EA. You can view the realtime results of the live account.

I am currently testing the waters with the GridMartin50 EA because he turned $900 into 3,000 in just a few months.

Yes, this is high-risk trading. You either make multiples of what you put in fast, or you blow the account. A different approach would be to look at signal providers on MQL5 and find one with a 2+ year track record and compound your modest earnings and build up a huge account over time.

I have automated crypto robots

Cryptocurrency exchanges are getting smart. They are building trading robots right into the exchange. Crypto has a very deep emotional cycle because there are many immature investors. So your job is to buy when everyone else is dumping and profit when they get excited again. These bots produce 100% profit, but they cannot be relied on for monthly income. The emotional market cycle for Bitcoin runs about 6 months to 1.5 years and you can experience greater than 100% gains this way easily as this article shows. The robots are grid robots (just like my forex ones) and they buy when the market drops and profit when it returns.

I have gold and silver delivered to my door

I am part of the oldest gold/silver networking marketing company, MintBuilder. Here is my replicated website. And here is the lead funnel that comes automatically with my monthly gold/silver purchase. If you are the type to simply drive leads to a funnel, the MintBuilder is the Gold/Silver MLM for you.

And what is exciting is that they now have a forex gold trading robot available.

Options Trading

My options trading accounts are doing well as I summarize here.


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