GridMartin 50: My New Voyage in High-Yield Automated Forex

I’m all about high-yield automated forex

I love just setting a completely automated bot with a track record loss on a small deposit and seeing it multiply in a matter of months. There are plenty of ways to make (passive) income. But this is probably my favorite. For one, I dont need to send my money to someone else and hope they return it. For another, anyone anywhere in the world can participate. With trillions of dollars turned over DAILY, there plenty of losers and winners. And the bot takes the emotion out of trading and it takes me out of being glued to a screen of charts all day, looking for setups.

Spider Crazy Pro EA has been good to me….. but

My first success in high-yield automated forex (“HYAF”) was with Spider Crazy Pro EA by Michela Russo. Well, let me be clear, at first I followed her suggestion to just put in $100.00 and let it explode to a huge amount. And she practices what she preaches. Her signal shows a deposit of $100 yielding $7600.00 – a 76-fold return!

Me, I’m a little different I put in $2,000.00 and built up to $5700.00 … I dont think you have much room for drawdown with a small account. But anyway….

If her EA has demonstrated a 76-fold return, why am I looking elsewhere?

It’s very simple, one post, from another EA developer in a Telegram room tells all:


I had grown grown my from $2000 to $5700 and just made a 2700 withdrawal and the EA kept trading… it did not halt around large news events…. and my $3000 account had opened lots of trades, bringing the equity to about $1000.00 meaning nearly $2,000 drawdown on a $3,000 account.

Kulikov Forex Solutions keeps track of heavy news items and halts trading, Spider Crazy Pro EA does not

The Telegram post I referenced above is from Kulikov Forex Solutions, the trading name of Konstantin Kulikov. Both of his Telegram channels are on his MQL5 page. What I like about him is expressed in his latest poll:

He produces an EA but goes the extra mile:

  • you can rent for cheap to try it out (Michela’s rent price for a month is the same as buying the product – $259.00)
  • he provides a live signal of the EA trading (so does Michela)
  • his signals stop trading during potentially crazy times (Michela does not to my knowlege)

So Which EA should I choose of Konstantin Kulikov?

Definitely GridMartin 50 for me. First of all, because it has the same model as Spider Crazy Pro (grid and martingale). Next because I want to see 50% returns in 1 month. You can see all of his signals and EAs at But because I dont want to setup and maintain a VPS, I prefer to just go to the Signalstart page for GridMartin, then you can scroll to the bottom to see all of his signals.

Konstantin started with $900 and now has a $3000 account balance

So I guess that’s what I will start with too! June 22, 2021 we are off and running. Follow it live here –


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3 thoughts on “GridMartin 50: My New Voyage in High-Yield Automated Forex

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    1. I checked out this website. it says “Get Stock, Gold and Forex Trading Signals by Email, SMS and WhatsApp” — in other words you have to MANUALLY enter signals. This is a pain in the neck and flies in the face of using automated systems to build wealth. I approved this post so that people reading my website can see a good example of what NOT to get involved in.

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