The Eternal Spring, Jan 2021 Edition

Step 1 – agree to the phases of The Eternal Spring

The phases are:

  1. Accept sponsorship (where sponsorship is where someone pays for you to take certain actions) of a trading account designed to use money to make more money.
  2. Use $125 of the profits from Step 1 to make a donation to The Whole World Foundation. At this point you are now in a position to use networks of people to make more money.
  3. Use additional profits from Step 1 to SPONSOR one or more people into step 1 who agree to the phases.
  4. That’s it! Now you have money making more money for you and you have a network of people making more money for you.

Step 2 – enjoy an eternal spring of profits

  1. Your high-yield trading account should produce profits forever.
  2. As you sponsor more and more people into The Eternal Spring, they will build your network of charity and you will receive mutual aid from that as well.
  3. Money will make more money for you forever.
  4. Networks of people will make more money for you forever.

Author: wizard

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