Brian McGinty weighs in on Harald Seiz, Karatbars, Freebay , V999

I want to try and make this as clear and and as plain as possible so there is no ambiguity from my side.

I was a Karatbars affiliate for seven years without issue until January this year when gold, phone, whims deliveries and commissions started being late.

I will NEVER promote any product or service which is not delivered. I have been in 100% commission sales for over 20 years and that’s a simple principle I live by.

Karatbars also ran incentives 2019 which have not been paid. cars, gold watches, gold k1 phones, Premium packages, BUNV, UNV, Kmerchant etc. This is not acceptable to me and never will be.

As I write this on 24th December 2020 people are still waiting for their gold since Spring.

Karatbars stopped communicating with me, the other leaders and stopped answering support emails in the summer so I could not get any answers to my team questions. Again not acceptable to me.

In September/October Harald decided to launch Freebay, Cryptorobotics and a new comp plan which NO ONE asked for.

All the leaders kept asking every day about gold, whim, phone deliveries but we kept being told “two weeks”. All the leaders told Harald directly that they would not be promoting V999 until we saw the audits and White paper that he promised.

We have not seen any audits or white paper that we can legally verify to be correct so as I said before I will not promote any of it. The other leaders hold the same position.

Meanwhile Josip Heit is sitting ready with his side of the business which was the blockchain and conversion of KBC.

As a group the Karatbars leaders got together and we decide to focus on what was working and what would benefit our customers.

The blockchain IS WORKING, the conversion was seamless, Josip and his team have over delivered on EVERY promise from day one.

I make my decisions based on actions, not promises. I want MY customers to get what they paid for. By supporting G999 we get everyone their money back for KBC/KCB and they can get out if that want to.

What about the Gold At Karatbars/Freebay?

I have gold there, the leaders have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of euros of gold there. I have a €12,500 CEM sitting beside me here that doesn’t work, I am waiting on gold, packages, prizes, and other products too.

It is 100% Harald Seiz’s responsibility to deliver those and we are all putting maximum pressure on him to deliver them.

Neither I, nor and leader, or Josip has said a negative word about Karatbars, Harald or Freebay as we wanted to give him the space to sort it out.

The problem is he comes up with a different solution every month, changes the goal posts and everyone is confused.

Myself and many others including Josip have pleaded with him to work with us and we have explained that no one wants Freebay, Cryptorobotics or the daft compensation plan… Just for G999 to be successful what they are owed.

So what is Harald doing about it?

Rather than just delivering the outstanding gold and products and working with us he sent out a video last week distancing himself from GSB and everyone who supported him for ten years? None of it makes any sense.

To me, being totally honest, It seemed emotional and reactionary to try and damage our event. An event that is designed to help rescue the people who bought KBC/KCB and deliver the blockchain he promised.

All he needed to do is deliver what people paid for, he can put V999 on the GSB blockchain and everyone is happy. He doesn’t seem to want to do that.

According to a video made last night has come up with yet another plan which is something to do with Genius coins or something? Personally I wouldn’t recommend going near it until you see a legally binding audit of the gold.

Everyone is free to do as they wish, I made my position clear in January, deliver what is owed and I move forward.

Unfortunately Harald has now publicly shut the door on us when all we ever wanted to do was help him get out of the mess he created.

To summarise!

Harald cut all communication with us months ago. No one left him, he left us. Josip and his team have simply filled the vacuum by offering a solution for us and completing the side of the project he has some control over.

If Josip hadn’t… Thee would be, No Blockchain, NO G999. On NO EXCHANGES!!

No opportunity for anyone to make any money as Harald still, after one year has given us no real products and way to earn.

I/We are determined with Josip’s help to make G999 a success so that no one who bought KBC/KCB feels a loss.

He has given us the opportunity to create a business and compensation plan that we know our teams will love. I lost 95%+ of my team in 2020 and this is a way to attract them back.

It is a way for us to get their trust back and give them a way to earn instant commissions with good products..

Finally, for me, he is giving me world class products to sell which is what I have done for the past twenty years.

The ball is now firmly in Harald’s court. He needs to deliver my gold either physically or via V999/BTC or however he wants to do it. (via this new idea of his)

The same with my Premium. Premium Pro, BUNV and UNV which I am owed, the same as many in my team.

I/we got “free” KBC/KCB with the CEM, Phones, WHIM etc so if I can get the price of G999 to over what the items cost me I will be happy.

Harald says he will compensate people for those purchases too so Ill give him the time to do that.

I think I just have to write off the €70,000 that was taken from me when he changed the comp plan. I lost 100,000+ units that I personally generated. I don’t think I/we will be compensated for that.

If you want to work with Harald, Freebay, V999 I wish you well. I wish Harald well and I hope he starts listening to his customers and sorts everything out.

So I hope that makes it clear from my side.

Summary of the summary

Harald’s side isn’t working, doesn’t work, doesn’t communicate, has outstanding delivery problems.. Keeps changing.

Josip’s side is working.. 95%+ of the leaders, field want to work with Josip an his teams as he’s delivering what we are asking for every day.

Harald has cut the communication on his side for reasons unknown.

If you have any questions about Freebay/Karatbars or V999 you need to ask them directly to those channels.

I will continue to press for my gold, cems, whims, prizes to be delivered honoured, premiums, premium pros etc and I strongly suggest you do the same.

I will NOT be making any more clarifications on this by Newsletter. This newsletter will focus on the future and supporting G999 and our blockchain.

One of my strongest beliefs is that you get what you focus on so I focus on the solution. That doesn’t mean I forget.. I forget nothing… believe me.

I only wrote this today out of concern for some people who may have been confused by this flurry of confusing information from Harald.

 Report From Dubai

As many of you know I was in Dubai last week.

Me and my family were going to go to Italy for Christmas but this opportunity came up so we went there instead.

Dubai is a green corridor country from Malta in terms of COVID so we didn’t need to be tested in Dubai and didn’t need a test when we came home last night either. Plus it is warm and that’s good for Emma.

It was great to see so many partners there who made the journey from all over the world at their own expense just to spend some time with Josip and other partners.

I think it is VERY important to be able to sit down with someone, look them in the eye, break bread and create bonds and Josip spent a lot of time with all of us individually and collectively.

He has quite a story and has been very successful in many different fields but you can hear more about that another time.

We spoke to him about the new comp plan, incentives, events and how we will have a solid plan for 2021. Step by step, floor by floor we build. You are going to love all of it.

You will not believe it when you see who the legal, professional people are working in the background. We asked Josip to hire specific people and he did… whatever the cost!

Everything is 100% legal, legitimate, solid and transparent.

Gs Lifestyle

One of our big reasons to be there was to hear about the new GS Lifestyle card. The owners of the bank were there and they explained it all to us. It is going to be a lead product for us in 2021 for sure. Everyone who owns crypto, and who doesn’t, will want this card.

Gift From Josip

Josip had a surprise for us in that he presented us with one of the gold cards for all the work we have done over the past two months in putting everything together. It was a solid gold Mastercard which came an a beautiful presentation box.

There are a range of cards from the virtual card, to plastic which have monthly fees from approx $10 per month upwards. The service fee on this gold one is approx $500 per month so we will have to keep working hard for it…. Josip’s is a clever guy! lol

It will be a great advertisement that we have it and i’m sure it will inspire more to get them. It also shows they are real and are not some future promise.

The cards will be available for everyone from latest 1st March. Ill keep you updated.

Josips Birthday

I will finish today by inviting you to the event of the year!

It is Josips birthday on the 26th of December and he is going to make a truly massive announcement which will shake the network marketing, affiliate marketing and direct sales communities.

Just get on to at 8pm CET on the 26th as you will love what he is going to say.

That’s all from me for today.

My Christmas tip is to get your Brand Advantage package in GS Partners as soon as you can and then be on the announcement call on Saturday!

(Details below) Easy as that.

I am going to be doing live Zooms… maybe every weekday from 1st January!!

Big Big stuff coming from me to help you build a huge business in 2021! We have the leadership and products to do it.

Finally… Please please make sure you join our Facebook group and answer all the questions or you won’t be admitted…

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy Josips present on the 26th!

Speak soon,


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