DRIP Network Utilities and Use Cases

DRIP will have tremendous liquidity because of all the use cases:


✅DRIP liberation contract —
$25 Million+ Liquidity on pancakeswap achieved. This contract provided stable coin liquidity to Drip on Pancakeswap. It has made Drip price super stable and unaffected by market crashes.

✅DRIP Garden —
3% daily rewards on staking DRIP/BUSD LP Tokens.
325K DRIP/BUSD LP Tokens in current contract balance.

✅Manor Farm L1 Rev Token
Successful L1 Launch ATH $280/token. L2 Launch success is imminent. The Manor farm removes Drip out of circulation thus pushing it’s price further.

In the works

????Drip Cross-Chain Bridge (Verified) —
Will allow capital from other chains to buy Drip on Binance Smart Chain network. Multiple exchange API being developed along with the bridge.

????Qrrent — DRIP Celebrity NFT partnership (Verified) —
Full integration of the Drip contract with Atlantus Metaverse, which will utilize Drip as the reserve currency in their ecosystem.
100% of sales in BUSD/BNB of Celebrity NFTs will buy DRIP and stake into Faucet.

????Jewellery Store Partnerships with A-List Rap Artists NFTs. (Verified)

????Focus Visual Influencer On-boarding (Verified) —
Focus Visual is a South-America-based OnlyFans, Twitch, Booyah, and Youtube streamer management firm that manages some of the largest talents in Latin America!
Unique team-building rewards structure for content creators and their subscribers for creating content accessible exclusively to their Drip teams.

????DRIP Faucet Collateral Lending Platform (Unverified)

????DRIP NFT Idle/Battle Pokemon Style Game (Verified)

????DRIP-backed treasury by OHM-fork (Unverified)

????BetFury DRIP Casino (Verified) —
Massive Co-promotion. Drip will be available token on BetFury and get paid in BFG for using Drip on their platform. Drip battle game on BetFury which can be played only using Drip. BFG token will be usable to buy Drip on Drip native DEX.

????Exchange Listing (Verified) — Drip listing on multiple exchanges.

????Fiat Drip Purchase — Using Credit and Debit Cards (Verified)

????Drip Wallet Insurance —Insures your wallet against scammers and hackers allowing you to withdraw 75% of your deposits by forgoing 25% as fees only if compromised. Insurance premium could be 5% of your 1% ROI. (Verified)


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