37% ROI During 200 days of Sideways Bitcoin Movement!

I put $484 in my friends trading account about 200 days ago. It has produced 37% returns during the sideways price movement of Bitcoin for the last 200 days. That equates to 20 cents return per day on a $484 or about 0.05% per day. That makes sense because my larger account returns between 0.2 and 0.4 percent per week… and every week I create another trading bot from my profits.

For those who dont like videos, 4 screenshots will tell the tale:

$484 bucks deposited 196 days ago

Bitcoin has slightly dropped in USDT value during this time:

I have $180 of pure profit to withdraw!

I use that profit to create another bot, this time trading on mBTC instead of BTC

mBTC is the price of Bitcoin divided by $1000, allowing one to start a bot with much smaller amounts, as low as $11.00

For those who like videos, feast your eyes and ears:


For those who are fired up and ready to get started

Read my intro article to get the overview and get registered.

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