I wish I were as bad as Jeffrey Dickstein


Jeffrey Dickstein has done two things that I would love to claim that I did.

First, he defeated the IRS. He represented former gun-carrying IRS agent Joe Bannister and won.

Next, he sued the city of Tulsa, OK for their Mask Mandate law (case number CV-2020-850). I’m pretty much in line with him when he says “there is no pandemic… it’s political hype”.

He’s done much more than that. He was a lawyer from 1981 to 2010 and successfully defended many people who refused the pay the IRS. But for those two things alone, I admire him.

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He’s not actively practicing, but I still think he would be a great guy to consult with/talk to. He mentions his email address at 22 minutes into the interview. Not to mention his address is on all the pleadings he has done.

He is living on social security (dont get me started on the social security rant) and is paying for all these filing fees for a noble cause that is helping all Tulsa residents not to mention everyone nationwide (even though we are not a nation – dont get me started on that either).

This aint no picnic!

Dickstein feels that the next step in illegal activity will be to enlist the military to forcibly vaccinate the public as part of Bill Gates’ New World Order Plan. So it is crucial to fight and win now.

Update – he dropped his lawsuit

He emailed me and said that – but gave no specific reasons.

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