Instant Wealth Club – new name, same lack of credibility

It appears that Millionaire Mentor University (formely Financial Success Club) has rebranded themselves once again as Instant Wealth Club. Well, a new name does not absolve of the fact that they appeared to have lucrative high-yield investments. And yet my 20k sent to them has led to less than 1% return and a ton of debt to fight off.

I have written 2 or 3 posts about the serious issues with MMU/FSC (man, I’m getting tired of keeping up with their name changes). And note well, my posts are based on being a member, not writing from outside. And of course, one wonders: why do they keep changing names?

Are there high-yield investments? Yes. Is MMU/FSC/IWC one of them? Well, ask to see their track record and make sure it is 2-5 years long.

And regarding their programs, ask how long each has been around and how well it has performed. They have a tendency to blast out sensationalistic emails for new things they just came across that has not work and did not work.


Author: wizard

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