Juan Rosado went from complete financial failure to unlimited financial freedom

Part 0: I’m not trying to sell you a health supplement

I dont like health companies because I feel like I’m buying something whether I have a health concern or not. But you know what? You can be successful in a health MLM. In fact the world’s largest home business is Melaleuca, a health/wellness MLM. And of course, the largest amount of capital is created by MLM in about 10 different lines of business.

The point is: the same thing, persistence, along with a good company that you love to talk about all the time, is all it takes.

If a broke security guard living in his parent’s basement can do it, so can you.

I learned of Juan Rosado while enrolled in Richard Quek’s Dream Hacker VIP Course. You can enroll too to learn everything I did. But let’s keep this simple.

Part I: Security Guard working 12 hours per day and 8 hours on Sunday

But he put up pictures of the home he wanted to own and most importantly

Part II: He started talking to people about 4Life

He spoke to EVERYONE he know, for 18 months about 4Life. He got all the usual objections. His eleven siblings all said no. 248 employees said no (by the way, I dont recommend talking to co-workers about a home business). And even his parents said no.

Part III: Good-bye Security Guard Job, Hello New Life!

Now Juan is living the life that at first he was just dreaming about and reading about. Happily married and financially free.

Part IV: YOU

What will be YOUR STORY?!

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