March 24, 2023

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MLM Rebels Review by a 7-month participant

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7 months ago, I was ready to throw in the towel on MLM. I love the idea of passive residual income. I love the idea of helping out friends and family. But in 10 years of MLM, I succeeded in earning a full-time income one time, building a team of over 7,000 in Karatbars. But after the Karatbars debacle, I told myself: “no more. I’m moving on to real estate investment”. But I noticed an ad on Youtube where a guy was claiming to earn serious bread from his MLM. So i opted in for more information and was impressed with the story of Zach. How he stuck it out but was still failing after 8 years. Now, through MLM Rebels he is earning 7 figures annually. And a few other people are earning a full-time income as well. But before I get to far afield let me try to create a capsule review:

What it is: MLM Rebels is a team-building solution for network marketing people and network marketing companies.

What it costs: it depends on which program: Rebels Lite ($500), Rebels Recruiting System ($1500 – $4,500), Rebels Universal ($6,000), Rebels Buildout ($25,000). We will cover them one-by-one.

What i Like About It: That Zach (the CEO of MLM Rebels is Zachary Spear) persisted for a long time and finally earns a million or more per year. He was sold that dream in Amway and attempted it for 7 years before switching to creating MLM Rebels. That Zach is there every Tuesday night for 2 hours: the first hour is motivational and company data. The second hour is to answer ANY question you might have about your business. I also like that Zach does not take himself seriously and can even joke about his Christian religion.

What I dont Like About it: What I dont like about it is covered in detail in this review.  

Verdict: They have not cracked the MLM code for the Average Joe. But some people have succeeded. I did not. It’s really just the same story of network marketing. And yes I will blame it on the system because I spent time and money and energy getting down the system and did not get results. I will explain what I think is a better approach to MLM at the end.

For now let’s take a look at the various team-building solutions that MLM Rebels Offers

Rebels Recruiting System – $1500 – $4500

Rebels Recruiting System is for you if:

  1. You like health products and dont mind autoship purchase of products from the New Age/Arrix MLM
  2. You want to simply plugin to a training system and then have leads emailed to you that you simply call with a script and then sign up the interested ones. Boom, just join Rebels Recruiting System for $2,000
  3. If you want an expert closer on the phone after the initial call, then Expert Closers is an additional $2,500
  4. To have leads emailed to you, you join The Lead Wheel for $97/mo and then purchase Tier-1 leads in packs of 5 for $200

That was my path in MLM Rebels. But there are others.

Rebels Lite ($500)

Rebels Lite just came out July 2022. It is a low-ticket item variant of Rebels Recruiting System. This program is for you if:

  1. You like health products and dont mind autoship purchase of products from the New Age/Arrix MLM
  2. You want to simply plugin to a training system and then have leads emailed to you that you simply call with a script and then sign up the interested ones.
  3. To have leads emailed to you, you join The Lead Wheel for $97/mo and then purchase Tier-1 leads in packs of 5 for $200 or Tier-3 Leads for $100 for 25.

A tier-3 lead is a person who expressed interest in earning money from home but is not necessarily anyone with experience in network marketing. A tier-1 lead is a person with a background in network marketing and has the capital available for the higher ticket Rebels Recruiting System just discussed.

Rebels Universal – $6,000

Rebels Universal is where you are trained in how to generate leads and provide them to yourself and your team. This is the option for you if you desire to build a different MLM.

Rebels Buildout ($25,000)

Rebels Buildout is for the person who is trying to implement a recruiting system for their MLM.

It did not work for me.

I bought the standard Rebels Recruiting system and then I paid $2500 more to be in Expert Closers. And believe me, the head of expert closers IS an expert closer. But it still did not work for me.

Remember Jim Rohn the law of sowing and reaping?

it’s just a numbers game and here are my numbers. Here is the exact spreadsheet of everyone I called and the outcome. Now, to be honest, Zach recommends that you buy leads every week. but i didnt have $250 per week to spend on leads. my sponsor spends $250 per week and he earns a full time income in MLM Rebels. 

There was one SUPER GOOD lead and amazingly, it was in the first month. But after months of calling her and following up (and I must say that Andy is quite the closer: he’s good at finding the pain points of the prospect and motivating them to want to buy mlm rebels) she quit picking up the phone. She was moving from one state to another and so she had a lot going on.

5% success rate? C’mon Zach

5% is 1 in every 20 is a sign up. Well in 7 months I’ve had 35. That means I should be on about 2 signs up… but one thing Zach recommends is buying every week so they can predict how large an order to make and get volume discounts on social media advertising.

I thought MLM Rebels had fixed MLM.

So going back to my personal story, I was very impressed with the ability of my sponsor when he got on the phone. He had a very good way of talking to me and getting me to the presentation. And he did a good job following up. And the script they train you in teaches you to do the same thing. 

But paying $50 per lead and having 50% never answer is a bit painful.

Every business has overhead and in any business you go into debt before profit. I dealt with the pain for 7 months and had an internal commitment to devote a year to the process…. however….

The Straws that Broke the Camel’s Back after 7 months

The new changes in MLM Rebels were simply too much for me to adapt to.

$8.00/month for a Team Communication Tool

Zach left Voxer as our team communication tool. Now he expects everyone to pay $8.00/month for access to Slack. Not once in my 20-year career of MLM was i expected to pay for a team communication tool. I’m already paying $97 for the lead wheel and $200 for leads and now I’m paying for a communication tool? A good friend of mind uses Discord for free.

MLM rebels lite

In July 2022, a new program called MLM Rebels Lite has been added. The leads for this are not people with previous experience or interest in MLM, they have done a search for ‘work from home’ or ‘make money online’ and the process of grooming these leads is longer. It is cheaper to get a batch of these leads. i think you get 30 leads for $120.

But now you have to learn 2 scripts for the 2 different lead sources. And you have to keep track of two separate types of people.

And with these new unseasoned leads you are hoping at the end of a long path of grooming that they want to join a health MLM. And since my passion is in real products with long-term investment value such as gold, silver and real estate, I dont have the time and patience to lead people towards health products when my passion is elsewhere. I tried it when big ticket MLM rebels was the only option and the presentation made it seem like it as going to be easy to get back my 5k investment via a couple of sales. But it didnt happen. 

A Patchwork Quilt of Partial Systems to Keep Track Of

Compared to my current home business, MLM Rebels is a patchwork quilt – they have funnels in one system, help stations in another tool, registration for the help station in google sheets, 4 different facebook groups, another system for scheduling meetings, another system or group chats. There were just links all over for everything. In my current home business, I have one homogeneous interface for all of the above. All of it is organized in a single master menu at a single website.

And then you have people like Hannibal Bray who are building out their own version of the Rebels training and it is equally overwhelming to me…

But dont let me stop you

Some people are on track to earn $400,000 in MLM Rebels…. some… and maybe you are that one. My sponsor Dan Horvath is a very good supportive person and earns a full time income in this, having left a high-ticket Christian real estate business.

It’s all about your mindset…. while I’m moaning and whining about how much I paid for leads, Brian Murray is breathing down Zach’s next to get him more and more leads. And Brian Murray has no secret. He’s already said:

I’m not trying to turn a no into a yes. But I will call a lead and when they hang up call back 3 times in a row just so they can say they are not interested. I’m going to get my no responses because I know a yes is coming.

Brian Murray $400,000 annual earner in MLM Rebels

And when he had a dry spell, Zach asked him how he felt and he said: “I felt fine”

Volume is Key

The MLM Rebels training recommends buying a large number of leads in short periods of time. Like I said my sponsor buys about 20 per week. 

The Refund Policy encourages a large number of leads fast.

The refund policy for MLM Rebels has 3 conditions:

  1. ->>> You go through and implement the entirety of the Rebels Recruiting System Modules & Lessons.
  2. ->>> You generate/call at least 100 leads from the Lead Wheel or Private Affiliate Blueprint
  3. ->>> You ask for help along the way when and if things are not working

You have to demonstrate proof of implementing these 3 things. But it is not clear how to prove points number 1 and 3. And they do not make it explicit. So, before joining you definitely want to know what sort of proof is required. 

And 100 leads within one month means $4,000 on leads. So if you add on Rebels Recruiting at $2,000 and Expert Closers at $2,500 then you are looking at risking $10,000 to earn a healthy income… that is a reasonable investment a 10-fold ROI while all you do is sit on your butt and read a script to people who have opted in, girding your loins to deal with the 95% who arent going to join you and maybe never answer the phone, maybe hang up in your face.

What MLM Really Needs

Now it’s time for me to climb onto my soapbox and tell the world what the MLM industry really needs.

MLM is a comp plan and sales and marketing and lead generation

Now, what that means is:

  1. You will not sell anything if no one knows about your product or you selling the product
  2. No one will know about you unless there is marketing done.
  3. MLM companies believe that “word-of-mouth” is the best form of marketing

What it means for me is:

  1. I did not sell anything
  2. I spent a lot of money on marketing
  3. I couldnt even recruit my Mom and I managed to alienate anyone I tried to use word-of-mouth with.

sales/marketing for other companies doesnt work that way

Can you imagine if your cell phone provider tried to survive by word-of-mouth marketing? Can you imagine if the sales training they got consisted of 5 or 6 training modules with no testing, no roleplay, no coaching, etc?

Lead generation should be out of profit not out of pocket

So now we get to my Magnum Opus: if I had $500 of profit coming in every month, then I would gladly buy and call leads forever. But I quit because I felt like my pockets were being drained.


The new MLM Rebels Lite sent me running for the hills. I can get exclusive leads of opportunity seekers that are phone verified for $4.00 without paying a $97/mo subscription fee on top of that. I do not like health products enough to buy them every month. I was mainly hoping to buy their air and water purifiers. But I dont like buying vitamins and minerals on autoship. I really dont know what lies in the future of MLM Rebels. Zach has big plans. What you read here may kindle your interest or dampen your spirit. Whatever it does, feel free to comment!

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  1. Feel free to call me and let’s talk. This is why I told Zach things needed to change drastically and stop stretching the truth about costs, success rates and charges with is eventually parting ways. I now provide 10x more content for free while helping people maintain a 97% retention rate. And thanks for the kudos in this article .

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