November 24, 2022

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Open Letter to Financial Success Club

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As you know, you received 20,000 from me in anticipation of high-yield returns:

  • $5,000 was sent so that Sam ( could trade
  • $5,000 was sent so that Greg Crawford could trade
  • $5,000 was sent for your Orlando Nightclub project
  • $5,000 was sent for your Angel Investor program

To date, since I did so 2 years ago, you have sent me $500 TOTAL ROI on $20,000.

In addition to these programs, you offer a plethora of other untested programs. As soon as you get something hot, you blast it to your list and receive commissions for all the hopeful people and then fail to deliver.

I just received this from you:

$8k gets you  $40k- 40k gets you 900k a month! 

We are in the process of getting 2.5 Million dollars for investing in our members..The goal is to help them  get into the 40k investment, leading into an automatic 1 Milllion in funding. 

We are offering anyone who wants to get to the 1 Million in funding guaranteed funding– no credit or docs required–the opportunity to get the $40,000 needed to get started. 

You are “in the process”????

In other words, you havent done it, you’ve just heard about it??? Why the hell would you waste my time or anyone else’s with what you are “in the process of”??? We want proven programs with a solid track record , not fancy-shmancy claims about what you are in the process of!

And the obvious question is:

if you are so good at producing cash and dissolving debt… if creating 5, 6 and 7- figures of passive cashflow is so easy and if all debt can be resolved by snapping your fingers, then why dont you simply honor your promise to me, that I have in writing? AND RETURN MY CAPITAL!!!!

You SAID that I had insurance on Greg Crawford, yet now you are pointing the finger at him for flaking. Again, with all your gee-whiz, presto-whammo, millions overnight programs, I would think you could conjure up a quick 20,000 bucks and honor your failed contracts with me.

But you won’t do it, will you?

All you do is over-promise, collect commissions, under-deliver and then make excuses as to why no one gets paid but you and the liars who present program after program to you.

Now of course, I’m happy to be proven wrong. Show me one program NOW that YOU have benefitted from a year ago or longer. I want to see it. Because I can show you email after email after email of promised profits that are now nothing more than excuses and commissions for you and losses for me.


Terrence-Monroe: Brannon

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