Mac Saunders of United Financial Freedom employs unethical sales tactics

Mac Saunders has been with United Financial Freedom, formerly Worth Unlimited for over 20 years. I submitted my request for a refund within 3 business days. Instead of it being honored, they sat on it and had me go through a call with Mac Saunders.

During this call, Mr. Saunders said: “Terrence, you only have 3 days to return this software and it’s Tuesday. Now I want you to try it out and I think you’ll love it. “

I then asked if they recorded all calls that came into their call center. He said yes. I told them that a sales rep had informed me that I had 3 BUSINESS days to return it, not 3 days and that I was within my right of rescission to request a refund.

At this point, he backed down and honored the request.

But he had no business lying about the return policy in an effort to keep the software in my hands longer once I wished to return it.

Why did I return it?

because I just have credit card debt and Quicken is fine for that. Not to mention Quicken automatically updates my accounts so I hae a true picture of my spending with no ability to forget any expenditures. He tried to bully me about the superiority of Quicken for my situation and said that the UFF software could downloads (for an additional monthly fee). But you still have to manually categorize all your transactions.

The UFF software might rock for mortgagaes but for my situation and my desire to interact with ethical people, i’m glad to have washed my hands of them.


Author: wizard

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