3 Rational Questions to Ask Financial Success Club before Joining

Question 1: How much proof can I get for these incredible high-yield opportunities of yours?

In the month of May 2020 alone, I received all of the following emails from FSC/MMU (millionaire mentor university):

And now we have some obvious questions:

  1. How many people have gotten 1 million in funding?
  2. You have an opportunity that provides 1 million a month in ROI? Then why cant you pay Terrence Brannon back the 20,000 you promised in writing that you would?
  3. If the 5 steps to 4 million every year can be done in 90 days or less, do you mind if I watch while you take someone through the process?
  4. Where is your Facebook/social group, where I can meet all of the happy people you have serviced over the years? I’m in Facebook groups with millionaires in Melaleuca and other companies and they are happy to provide mentoring and success reports.
  5. How many years around and how many people can I speak to that have been with you for several years?

Question 2: Should the legal action against MMU be of concern? Are his illegal processes any way connected to the “mortgage experts” that you speak of in Step 3 of your 5-step process to 4 million dollars?

Step 3 of the 5-steps to 4 million dollars says:

3. You don’t need to have a ton of money to acquire assets. There are simple easy solutions to acquire millions in assets for little money out-of-pocket or using Other People’s Money. We have mortgage experts who, along with government programs, can get you up to 100% financing on acquiring real estate. Real estate is going to be the biggest opportunity to  acquire LARGE chunks of assets. Hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And there are programs for bad credit as well.  We can show you how to add 100 FICO points as well quickly. If you acquire 4 properties a year for instance, that could be well over 1-2 million alone or more. Not only that, but after you DISCHARGE the mortgage, you will have renters who can be making you thousands of additional dollars every single month. Once the mortgage is discharged you can also get a home equity line of credit and then use that cash to INVEST. Same process with high end assets such as autos, boats, etc.

But then we have to ask: who are these mortgage experts and how similar is their process to what led to conviction of MMU (former?) principal Mark Moncher?

But if you ask too many questions, they will quit answering saying that you are not entrepreneur-minded and not ready for the success that they hold.

Question 3: Did you put in writing to Terrence Brannon that he had insurance on the 10,000 you gave to Greg Crawford for options trading? If you are making millions hand-over-foot and dissolving debt in the blink of an eye, then why cant you repay Terrence the 10k or 20k that you rightfully owe him?

So, FSC is not a scam operation, but I personally find it hard to continue activities with a group that has such grandiose claims and very little interest in substantiating them.

Question 4: Kindly provide a tally of all the programs you have presented to your member base, the amount you took in and the ratio of success

If they are called Financial SUCCESS Club, then I think they would be open to evaluating how SUCCESSful they are. In my time alone, they FAILED at all the following

  • Forex trader produces 100% returns a month
  • Orlando nightlcub project being run my a mulit-million dollar company. Dont ask questions, I think they know what they are doing.
  • Libor trading
  • Aged Corps with Don Kerr or lowratebanks.com
  • CPN funding
  • Jeannie the FICO-score-masker who uses software to produce an 800 FICO score in under 30 days.

In other words, I saw a lot more failure than success in my time with them.

Question 4, Part 2: what evaluation criteria did you use on this program before deciding it was legit and worthy of presenting to your member base?


Their partners always get paid. They always rake in commissions. You get excuses. You have lots of loans to pay back or hopefully that you know how to discharge/dismiss/avoid.

Make sure to get answers to those 4 questions before you part with your hard-earned pennies.


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