Remove hard inquiries from Experian fast with this great company.

I had paid a previous credit repair person (Debbie Berg of 123RemoveFast) to remove inquiries from my credit report. After she finished her work I still had inquiries on Experian that were not attached to tradelines. She wiped TransUnion and Equifax clean, but Experian refused to budge.

Experian is tough?

I guess so: my credit score is the lowest of all the 3 bureaus with them and 123RemoveFast made no headway with them whatsoever, while doing excellent work with Equifax and Transunion.

But anyway….

They were not tough enough for Dmitry Malyshev

In Under 24 hours, inquiries were gone. He kindly did rapid rescore for free for me because they have a minimum charge of $300 and he only needed to zap 3 inquiries. But he did it and I am happy to go back for more service and recommend him highly (if the 8 million testimonials he already has is not enough!).

Conclusion: if you want Experian inquiries removed and removed fast, ya gotta go to


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