The Real Scoop on Richard Thomas Grant and Freedom Law School

You might think the Freedom Law School screwed up and that was what led to the imprisonment of Richard Grant. But I spoke with someone at Freedom Law School and what she said makes sense and is exactly what I was thinking.

First, he came to FLS after the IRS was already on his ass. Richard never used Peymon’s advice. Richard even went to Florida but only did so to visit family, not to see Peymon. Furthermore, the attorney never received advice from Peymon.

In spite of all this, Peymon flew to the trial, but Richard did not have/allow him to talk to his attorney.

Richard, also did not use an FLS-recommended attorney.

Also Richard was moving around money in funny ways and that’s what he was convicted on. If you notice, he was not convicted of the misdemeanor of failure to file. He was convicted for tax evasion, which is what he was doing.

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