Turnkey Rentals – the other way to do real estate investing

“Real estate investing” tends to only mean one thing: “buying a broke-down disgusting property” for cheap and then holding your nose while you take it from disgusting to sellable and then selling it for a profit. There are of course other things like wholesaling, etc.

The focus on this approach is turnkey rental properties

The mantra here at My Money Magick is: DEPOSIT, PROFIT, WITHDRAW: let someone else do the heavy lifting. Yes, we might get lower profit this way, but the upside is we can scale to infinity because we never are personally involved in anything but getting capital for our projects.

As a Tardus member, we are constantly seeking reliable ways to build our passive income through various investment vehicles. I first found Tardus through Rent to Retirement, one of many turnkey rental investing solutions.

Parenthetically, let’s be clear that real estate rental can be short-term vacation type rents (like at VRBO or AirBNB) or they can be long-term. I’m not going to do much assessment of them, but I will be enumerating them in the order that I would personally choose one or the other.

RP Capital

RP Capital is spoken of highly in our private group.

REI Nation

REI Nation is listed second but is equally well spoken of.

Rent to Retirement

I found Tardus through Rent to Retirement so I am eternally grateful for that. On the other hand, most people that have used them dont like them as an investment vehicle: 2 people are thrilled with their experience and 5 are not.

We have 3 properties with RtR. One of our best properties is through them and our worst performing property is with them.

Pros: great coaching, outstanding education through their podcasts, YouTube videos, website, large inventory, diversified locations, good partners to expand your investing team (that’s how I found Tardus).

Cons: Estimated Proformas are written in the absolute best case scenario which real estate never is, I question some of their partners in these markets (bad experience with a few), not much information on each individual property besides pictures.

My advice is go slow and do due diligence on the area and each individual property. R2R is great to formulate an overall investing strategy, but proceed with caution as the wrong purchase can set you back rathe than move you forward.

To their credit, they are extremely transparent and responsive on Bigger Pockets, which is the internet’s real estate investment hub (AFAICT). They are a premium member there. A generic search on Rent to Retirement at Bigger Pockets yields primarily positive responses, even from the general public.

Norada Real Estate

https://www.noradarealestate.com has 4.9 out of 5 stars in 71 google reviews.

Freedom Family Investments

Freedom Family investments is another option.

Turnkey Investment Properties (company name)

operating in Memphis and Arkansas, I have no personal experience with this company.


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