Review of my first year with Tardus Wealth Strategies

I have started my 2nd year with Tardus wealth strategies.

Short review: I’m receiving $1300 per month passively and on track to financial freedom in 5 years.

Here is what I saw hit my bank account month after month, passively thanks to Tardus:

Long review: ok, you wanted more, so here we go

How does Tardus work?

Tardus has a patented process, the Income Snowball, that shows how you to take a small amount of personal capital and merge it with funds borrowed (from cash advance or line of credit usually) and place it into a wide variety interest-bearing investments. As you repeat the process of borrowing and investing, your income snowball grows.

The exact mechanics of the snowball can be found at the us patent office or by reviewing the Income Snowball Video.

How did I find Tardus?

I was surfing Bigger Pockets and found a section on Turnkey rental investments. One of the rental services there mentioned Tardus on their mailing list and it was game over from there. No dealing with tenants and toilets. Just pure movement of capital to create a full-time passive income.

What did I do in Tardus?

I met with my wealth coach once a month where she reviewed the current flip and showed me the plan for future flips. A “flip” is what we term the process of borrowing money to put into an investment that pays back returns over a 2-3 year period. We pay back the borrowed money in 1-4 months. And then flip again.

What’s next in Tardus?

I finished 5 flips in my first year in Tardus. I use corporate credit to fund my flips so I’m starting to merge my low-balance cards into larger ones so that I can do 5-figure cash advanced via 1 card instead of tearing my hair out by borrowing from 5 or 6 cards. Most people in Tardus use a line of credit but after 2-3 denials for PLOCs, I said to hell with it… and I have a strong 700 credit score. I pay a bit more in interest each time I borrow, but that’s just the way it has to be.

So year 2 is really just tightening the screws on my flips. I only meet with my wealth coach once every 2 months in year 2 instead of every month because they felt that was the best program for me moving forward.

That’s all folks

Welp, that’s it. May your income snowball grow bigger and bigger!

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