Why Fund and Grow is the Best Alternative Business Funding Option

There are good alternative business funding options and then there is the Tiger Woods of Alternative Business Funding. Fund and Grow has soul and they are super-bad when it comes to getting you funds. No need to wait years for funding based on revenue. If you have a strong credit profile, get that bank account ready for some bread-ola.

They Get You a Lot of Money

Other people were talking about 25k to 45k total. They got me 25k on ONE CARD and even more than that. And this is just the first round of funding. All I have to do is pay on these regularly for 3-4 months and then they go for another batch of funding and up to 250k over the next year.

Heck, why take my word for it. Let’s let Fund and Grow speak for themselves:

– Joshua Snyder $98,000 within first few weeks.
– June and Doug Cook $330,800 total.
– William Macke $57,000 in 30 days.
– Roy Leach $52,000 inside 45 days.
– Steve Gozdziewski $107,500 within 30 days.
– Avadhi Dhruv $226,200 total.
– Joe Lebas $140,000.
– Rick Salazar $135,000 in 30 days.

You can verify ALL of these results by visiting our testimonials page, or look on our Fund & Grow Facebook.

They Get You a Lot of Money Even if You Already Have Loans

Even though I had a 700+ credit score, I was getting turned down from lenders because I took out 4 installment loans 8 months ago. My funding agent at Fund and Grow didn’t bat an eye. He just said: “that shouldn’t matter.” And it didn’t.


Inc5000 fastest growing company, LinkedIn testimonies out the wazoo. It doesn’t stop. Their webinar does a great job of patting themselves on the back and saying how awesome they are… lol.

Intake Process

They have well-trained professionals in each part of their intake process – one person reviews your credit file (personal and corporate). Another person knows exactly how to get bridge loans. Another person handles general customer service. And then they have a team of people who go to war with the lenders to get you money… and then appeal rejections and get you more money… and then go back to the same lenders 3-4 mos later for more money… you get the idea.

Bridge Loans: OK But Could Be Better

Their bridge loans come from common well-known credit-based lenders (Prosper, SoFi, Lending Club) and they know EXACTLY how you must look to get funded. However, another underground source that I have provides hard cash for very reasonable rates (only 20-30% upon funding).


I am so lucky that I found Fund and Grow. No one else would lend to me even with a 700 credit score but they did.


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