November 16, 2022

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How to talk to a live person at experian? Just do it like this….

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When I was removing fraud laerts from my credit profiles, TransUnion and Equifax were a piece of cake. Experian was difficult to reach. In fact, everything about Experian seems difficult: my score is lower there, it was harder to remove hard inquiries… 

But I digress.

Now, I must attribute the source of this information. I frantically googled for info on how to reach Experian and came across this jewel of a post, which i now reproduce for all antiquity.

How to speak to a Live Person at Experian

  1. Dial 714-830-7000. When given the option to press 1 for consumer services or 2 for client services – press 2. Do not press 1.
  2. Once the live person comes on, tell them why you are calling and they will direct you to the right department.

How to speak to a Live Person at TransUnion

To call a live operator at TransUnion, dial 800-680-7289, and press 0.

How to speak to a Live Person at Equifax

To contact a live operator at Equifax, dial 877-528-6481.


I have no idea why Experian makes themselves so hard to deal with, but hopefully this article has made your life with them a bit easier!

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