(Leon) Bryan Stallings took $8,300 from me without providing any services

Bryan Stallings, CEO of HRC4You and Joint Venture Alliance Group took 8,300 in payment from me without providing any services. His cell number is 310-944-7375. Here are 2 pictures of him: he’s the dark-skinned male:

$5675 taken with no service provided

As you can see from the Memorandum of Understanding, I paid $5,675 to have tradelines added and very minor credit repair (removal of 3 inquiries from a single bureau) done.

However, time passed and nothing was done.

Another $1600 was sent for primary tradelines

Bryan then told me that I needed primary tradelines added and to send $3,325 more for this purpose. I told him that I would pay half up front and the rest upon funding as this revised Memorandum of Understanding states.

Once again, services were paid for and nothing was done.

Another $1,000 was paid to reserve an Aged Corp

Bryan then said that we needed to purchase an Aged corporation to attract funding and that I should send 10k to reserve it. I told him I simply didnt have it and sent $1,000 for this purpose.

Bryan promises (but never pays) a 5K bonus for tardiness in his partner’s service

Bryan promised that he would have a cashier’s check ready for me on Wednesday April 3, but on Wednesday, all I got were the excuses that he is known for. And now, it is 3 days past Wednesday and he has not met with me or paid me the 5K he promised.

Summary: 8337.50 + 5k promised, zero tendered

If you add up the products and services discussed above, you will see that I sent $8337.50 to Bryan and have received nothing.

In addition he promised to meet me in person and pay a 5,000 bonus which he has not done either.

If I *ever* send business payments as payment to Friends and Family…

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