Dr David Martin Detailing Constitutional, and other Crimes by the CDC, Fauci, and Many Governors

Quotation Bomshells

I am submitting to you, right now, that Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and their co-conspiring governors have in fact violated the domestic terrorism provision under the Patriot Act and ANYONE who instituted a lockdown order based on fellacious, subjective and capricious determination prior to the 15th of March, did so in explicit violation of the Patriot Act, Section 802.

25:50 – Dr. David Martin

We went 17 years, ladies and gentlemen, during which the Centers for Disease Control colluded and restricted the ability for anyone to get normative data on the presence or prevalence of corona virus infection. The reason we

The CDC Renewed a patent declared illegal by the supreme court using public funds!

A governor has NO RIGHT to suspend civil liberties on the *threat* of something

Particularly when the threat has not been investigated. And with COVID, because of the patent on the test, the only way to confirm the threat would be to violate their patent OR TO COLLUDE WITH THEM!

No clinical data to support social distancing

At 22:09 we learn that no scientific validation that quarantining a healthy population has any merit in science. Governor Newsome and 42 other governors decided to take propaganda rather than science and turn it into public policy. This is a direct violation of the constitution (Sherman Act, Clayton Act).

Dr. Anthony Fauci violated 15 USC 19 (prohibition against interlocking directorates)

Fauci is on the leadership council of the Bill and Melinda Gates Global Vaccine Action Plan. But was in his role a NANID at the same time.

He’s not the only crook: Enter Leah Devlin

Leah Devlin is on the CDC Foundation Board is also on the faculty of UNC Chapel Hill.

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