Why Karatbars is the Best Way to Buy Gold as an Investment

If you’re reading this article, you already know the benefits of holding gold. It preserves wealth for thousands of years. It is an excellent hedge against inflation. And my oh my, doesn’t it look absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, once you have decided that it is time to start acquiring gold, you then want to come up with the best way to do so. I’ve surveyed many gold acquisition programs and to be honest, there is no best way to buy gold as an investment. There are pros and cons to each approach and it up to you to decide which set of pros and cons fits your vision.

However, for the way that I think about things, Karatbars International provides a variety of unique opportunities to acquire gold that I have not seen elsewhere.

The Digital Decentralized Age is Here

The most distinguishing thing about Karatbars is that they have maintained their vision while adapting it to the evolution of society. The vision of Karatbars has and always will be to bring gold to the masses of people and to return the world to the use of honest money (gold):

Harald Seiz, CEO, Karatbars International
My mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is help millions find financial freedom. — Harald Seiz, CEO, Karatbars

Harald’s vision existed before cryptocurrency was popular. Now the vision of bringing gold to the masses has adapted to the modern digital and decentralized age – the world of cryptocurrency. In the recent age of the gold standard from 1944 to 1971, one was able to exchange dollar bills for grams of gold. The Karatbars Gold Standard Banks certainly offer this functionality, but they also allow the exchange of gold-backed cryptocurrency to be exchanged for gold as well.

So let’s get back to the terms digital and decentralized. By digital, we mean operating on a computer or mobile device. Many popular services have found maximal profit by being digital – Uber is more profitable than a conventional taxi and Amazon kindle is more profitable than Barnes and Noble. Likewise, having a digital gold network shows promise to be much more profitable than traditional gold companies as you will see in the section on “buying into the company’s projected growth” below.

Now what do we mean by decentralized? Decentralization is a key feature of modern digital money, aka cryptocurrency. Decentralization of a payment network makes the network fault-tolerant and less susceptible to a single point of attack. Karatbars has issued a cryptocurrency, the KBC coin, that is convertible to gold. So instead of having to buy gold and have it delivered, you can simply purchase the coin.

Of course, the traditional approach of buying, storing and shipping gold is supported in Karatbars. But since any gold company does that, this article focuses on the unique aspects of Karatbars.

You Can Buy into a Gold Company’s Projected Growth

The image above shows the projected growth in value of the KBC coin based on their sales records for the past 7 years and their new gold mine licensing deals.

Having a finite amount of KBC coin backed by a steadily increasing amount of gold is what leads to increased value of every coin you hold.

You can see clearly that a 100-fold growth in the value of the coin is projected from July 4 2019 to 2023. This growth is purely based on the rate of gold mining. The actual value will increase even more when the general public becomes aware of the business model behind the coin.

The abundance in Karatbars does not stop at the synergy between physical gold mining and cryptocurrency. They are a fully licensed cryptobank with several attached lines of profitable business. The video below is long but gives a thorough view of all the profit centers that exist within the company.


You Get Compensated Well for Telling your Friends and Family

Unlike many gold companies, the Karatbars compensation plan pays wide as well as deep. As you refer others you receive 10% of all those you directly refer. As your referral network grows, you earn to infinite levels of depth. It is very easy for the process of acquiring gold to transform from a debit to a credit with the Karatbars compensation plan.

Geographically Decentralized

We’ve already discussed how the digital aspect of Karatbars is decentralized. What I also like is that the company itself is decentralized:

  • The headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany
  • They have physical banks in Miami, FL, Hong Kong and Frankfurt, Germany
  • The gold mines that back the coins and the company are in Turkey and Guinea, West Africa
  • The cryptocurrency technology is based in Singapore.

I really don’t know where or when the next significant dollar crash will happen, but I really like the geographic distribution of this company. Financial collapse in one continent would allow operations to transfer to another continent.

Anyone can buy in any amount

If you want to acquire physical gold, Karatbars has dollar-bill-shaped gold starting at a tenth of a gram, meaning that even a college student with 10.00 in his pocket can start acquiring gold. And you can acquire the gold-backed coin for the minimum purchase price on an open cryptocurrency exchange, which is probably around the same price.

Established Company

Karatbars was established in 2011 and leads the world in the sale and production of small-weight gold. This brochure gives a thorough overview of this debt-free company.

What could be wrong with karatbars?

Everyone has their likes and dislikes. And Karatbars is not exempt from this rule. This article discussed what I felt were the unique positive aspects of Karatbars. My friends on Facebook are very quick to point out their perceived problems with Karatbars. You would think I was offering them a disease the way they act. Anyway, the following conversation is a good summary of how some have responded to me:

Let’s briefly dissect my friend’s objections one-by-one:

Myth #1 – Seems like a pyramid scheme to me

First off a pyramid scheme lacks a legitimate product or service. I would imagine that anyone reading this article has seen a legitimate product or service or two. Certainly, the compensation plan pays you to infinite levels of a “pyramid” but to my mind, this is good, do you want to make money when you refer Jack and Jill or on Jack and Jill’s entire circle of influence? I know my answer, thank you very much.

Some people just have a built-in phobia of multi-level compensation programs. The highest-grossing companies in 6 lines of business all compensate on multiple levels… for instance: no one is taking away the top spot in makeup from Mary Kay and Avon anytime soon and yet, I have not heard the FTC knocking down their door and arresting the owners for running a pyramid scheme.

That being said, we need to be clear that Karatbars is an e-commerce company that buys and sells gold with a 100% optional affiliate program. There are no required auto ships or minimum volumes to earn income. I started Karatbars in 2014 and made several thousand dollars per month and quit my job. Then I got lured into forex and credit and lost tens of thousands of dollars and had to go back to work. Now I’ve come back to Karatbars and my team of 4,000 and they are waking up and all my potential income is still there – no monthly flushing of volume or anything.

Myth #2 – Karatbars Gold costs too much

This is a very common misconception. So much so that we have prepared a pricing facts FAQ which makes it clear that our price is absolutely the best-in-class.

In addition to what is written there, you need to think about the fact that you can buy a digital coin whose exchange rate versus gold increases due to continuous gold mining.

This video below is fast-forwarded to show you the 5-year time line of the cryptocoin. You can acquire gold now for several orders of magnitude cheaper than it will be as the coin increases in value.

Myth #3 – There is no way an investment can appreciate that much that quickly

The final objection you see from my friend (and he is not the first with these objections) is that there is no way that one could expect a 500-fold gain in a gold-backed coin. Well, let’s see:

  • How much does Amazon stock cost now and how much did it cost in the past? The easiest way to buy books gets easier and easier and Jeff Bezos continues to be the wealthiest man in America. Karatbars aims to make buying and selling gold just as easy and also making it available for buying goods and services.
  • A 500-fold gain in the Karatbars coin would mean it would rise in price from 2 cents to about 10 dollars. There are several coins worth $10.00 and none of them have as many products and services behind them as Karatbars.
  • In all periods of history, gold increases versus the dollar. The dollar has always been declining but now entire countries are moving away from it. What started as a decline will snowball into a tumble and collapse. The importance of real money will easily surge and holding it in a way that crosses borders and is free of government intervention is essential.

That’s all Folks

We have a very different animal in the gold space with Karatbars: a fusion of the world’s oldest money with the world’s newest currency with the express purpose of ensuring that gold is brought to everyone who desires to have it regardless of income level. It’s been awhile since we have seen a cryptocurrency explode the way Bitcoin did at the end of 2017, skyrocketing from $300 to $19,000 in a single year. While no one can predict what coin will be the next to moon, a level-headed analysis of what Karatbars brings to the table should indicate that the future value of the coin is well above the current market price of 2 cents.

At any rate, buying the coin does make it possible to get gold for much cheaper than you would if purchasing it with the US dollar – if 100 KBC is 1 gram of gold now and 4 years from now 1 KBC is 1 gram of gold, then you managed to invest in gold at a price 100x cheaper than market rate and that alone justifies even a small buy and hold investment in the gold-backed coin.


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