3 Reasons Tradera is not your best option for Forex profits (hmm, make that 4)

Reason 1: it’s not automated

How would you like to be in your pajamas, all ready for a good night’s sleep, when you hear a beep on the Telegram app on your phone. You grumble, mumble, roll over and what do you see:

So, then you roll out of bed, mad as hell and enter the trade.

Did you have fun copy and pasting all of those numbers? Did you get it all right? Did you miss anything?

I think you get the point:

in this day and age of automation, why the heck are you MANUALLY entering trades and possibly making an error that might have you wake up to an account with a BIG FAT ZERO BALANCE?!

I dont know of a good reason do you?

Reason 2: No third party objective verified trade results

It’s really nice to see all the pips you gained in the back office. But I was PART of Tradera and my trades were stopped out while they were claiming the trades were “in progress” … but moreso than that, where is their 2-3 year long track record of profitability verified by a 3rd party source such as myfxbook or fxstat? And do you really want to follow someone who cannot deliver such a thing. Dont get me wrong, Derek Conway is a cool guy, very approachable, easy to talk to, but I need hard data before I part with my hard-earned cash again.

Reason 3: There are other options which are automated and verified by an objective 3rd party

Like this one.

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