7k Metals vs JM Bullion and Cred

I introduced a friend of mine to 7k metals and here was his response:

I use JM Bullion and they are top notch.
Happy to take at Look at your dealer but I really like that I can buy gold and silver on uphold now and even earn decent interest on it through Cred.

JM Bullion is offering you one asset. 7k Metals is offering you 9

Precious metals are a valuable asset. And if you only want that asset, then JM Bullion or another dealer is your best bet. As you can see, our prices are comparable to theirs – within $3.00 better or worse in most cases. But they offer free shipping with $99 order and there is no surcharge for non-members.

JM Bullion will be the wealthy business owner earning passive residual income off you and all the other customers. and you will be the person content with holding a true store of wealth while you look elsewhere to generate revenue.

I want more: I want my own precious metals storefront and the other benefits that come along with it.

In business of the 21st Century, Robert Kiyosaki states that owning an MLM gives you 8 assets:

I’m going to pick a few of these that matter to me:

1 – An ever-growing network of like-minded friends

I thought I had 400 facebook friends. I realized only 30 were following me. That means that 370 people didnt give a rip about what I put on facebook. You can also be sure they werent like minded since they didnt want to see what was on my mind. Not only that, but if I got stuck late at night would they come help? If I needed $500 emergency funds would they give it to me???

2 – A Duplicable Fully Scalable Business

5 years from now, my friend will have 5 years worth of silver from JM Bullion. If I master the art of connecting and introducing and training others, then I will have an ever-growing income – and I wont be paying for gold/silver ever again after I have 3 business owners left and right. And in fact I will be paid for doing the very same thing that my friend is paying for right now!!!

3 – A Mechanism for Genuine Wealth CREATION

JM Bullion will help you save money and accumulate wealth. But you will not be creating wealth and you might be at a net loss compared to someone who decided to open up their own gold shop for a measly $500 annual franchise fee.

OK, so you saved on shipping and you didnt pay the non-member surcharge that 7k metals is hitting you with. But for the next year and every year thereafter you will be reaching your pockets in order to make Mr. JM Bullion’s bank account larger. Let’s say you spend $100/mo for 5 years. That means you have $6000 worth of silver and your bank account is down 6k.

Once you have 3 business builders left and right (and you only need to sponsor 1 on each side yourself) you are making $500/mo and offsetting the $100/mo order for a net $400 profit.

So the question is: do you want to be out of $6,000 after 5 years or up $400 every month on the same gold/silver acquisition?

About earning interest at Cred on Gold holdings

One other thing my friend mentioned is earning interest at Cred. As far as I can tell, he is earning 10% per year on gold. First of all, let’s understand, that I am all about diversification. My goal is not to say that my friend should NOT do what he is doing, but that all of his eggs should be in various baskets with clear expectations about each.

Here is the ROI on rare collectible silver:

So that’s a 30-fold and 100-fold gain on your investment.

The returns on collectibles are strong but wildly divergent. As you can see, the 2012 coin simply held value.

So buying a collectible coin every month represents a high-reward scenario with gold in your hands. Earning interest through Credit represents a steady ROI with the ability to get a 2-fold return on your holdings in maybe 7 years.

All of your friends should be buying silver/gold/platinum

After seeing the 1.2 million dollar mistake mentioned in this presentation, it is obvious that automatic saving in rare collectibles is a wonderful long-term savings program.

It really boils down to what you want. If you want to save in silver and are content with that single asset, then a gold dealer is for you. But if the additional benefits of owning a precious metals MLM speaks to you, then 7k metals is a viable choice.

But I would be sick to my stomach to see my friend(s) unboxing silver from JM bullion, knowing that they could be a part of my collective wealth network.

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