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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find something of interest and I’m always open to new opportunities and perspectives.

How did Money Magick come about?

I had been a computer consultant for JP Morgan Chase twice and Bank of America twice. On my second consulting gig at B of A, they terminated me without notice on Dec 9, 2016 (Merry Christmas!). Luckily I had been planning for the past 6 weeks to purchase an income-producing property. I had taken out a large loan from Lending Club and instead of creating a second lucrative business so I could fire my boss, I had been fired by my boss and forced to use the loan money to live on.

It was at that point that I decided it was time to create income for myself that did not depend on a job.

During this time, Bitcoin only cost $300 and I had been buying it every week without fail. So I made 6 figures as a home business owner because almost every day was a profitable day in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. But then two things happened:

  1. Bitcoin crashed from 19k and has been choppy ever since, which led me into looking for other ways to create profits.
  2. Tax time was coming. It felt really odd to give someone my hard-earned money. But I was still under the mass hypnosis that I was obligated to file federal income taxes, which I am not.

So my story is basically, I worked for large financial institutions and began to look at new forms of money such as cryptocurrency and old forms of money. I also found out several things about banks that they do not reveal to the public which could help the public.

Why this website?

The main reason is I want to help people has to do with every mother I see. Their children are growing up from K-12 without being told several things about money that can help them. Later in life, they may suffer debt issues, completely unaware that all debts are paid off two-fold on the first day you receive your loan disbursement.

You read that right: once you understand what the banks and government are not telling you, you can do money magick as well and you are entitled to by certain laws, as you will learn.

But I’m getting too deep in this introduction.

It’s time for a New World of Financial Freedom for All

It’s time for the average person to flex superhuman money muscle. It’s time for hidden secrets of money, tax and law to be revealed and practiced on a mass-scale. The veil of mass-hypnosis that makes the wealthy rich while people in debt have done horrible things when their lifestyle is flushed down the toilet in a flash and the wealthy just laugh and keep the lies pumping.

If it weren’t for my mother and father working a job for 40 years and having a nice house, I would’ve been wiped off the map several times because the lenders are relentless with their lies about debt obligations and they also don’t reveal the hidden ways to obtain credit and funding. And they most certainly don’t reveal the truths about wealth preservation in gold versus the dollar.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Terrence Monroe Brannon

Founder of My Money Magick


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2 thoughts on “About Terrence

  1. Hello Terrence-I am wondering why you first lambaste DTSS, then go on to say how cool the community is and being able to talk to Muso and how they offer a rewards type program for referrals? It can’t be both, either they don’t fulfill their agreements or they do.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Mike, I think a more relevant place for your comment is in the comments of the actual post: https://mymoneymagick.siterubix.com/point-click-sovereign-a-review-of-the-debt-to-success-system/

      In my opinion, DTSS has pros and cons. And in my opinion they can be both. Mark is very transparent and accessible. And they have a great compensation plan and a great vision. However, after being in the facebook room and personally contacting one person there (Mike Smela), I learned that DTSS was unable to resolve his debt issues or help him keep his house.

      So the pros remain what they are and the cons remain what they are. And I would not say I lambasted them – I simply wrote what I felt about them.

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