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This books covers a lot of ground, giving you an overview of what the banks and governments and courts know but do not tell the average citizen. Here are a few juicy tidbits.

  • All loans and mortgages are paid off on day 1.
  • When your birth certificate was signed, a strawman was created…
  • The bills in your mailbox are addressed to the STRAWMAN, not you: if you don’t want to pay them, simply write “NO CONTRACT” and send it back.
  • You, the human, are bound by Common law and not legal statutes and Common Law does not require you to pay any tax.
  • Did you know the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a for-profit corporation? Same with the courts and police forces.
  • Do you know that slavery is legal but not lawful? Do you know that slavery still exists in the form of the 14th amendment?
  • If somebody asks to see your license, the question is: “Why would I want one of those?”
  • What few people are aware of is that the act of applying for registration confirms the transfer of physical ownership of the vehicle from you to the State.
  • The American Revolution was fought to free the colonies from the interest bearing currency of King George III.
  • As long as private central banks exist, there will be poverty, hopelessness and millions of deaths in endless World Wars.


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