Point, Click, Sovereign: A Review of the Debt to Success System

  • Overall Rating 6.5/10
  • Product Description: freedom from US citizenship, debt elimination, income tax freedom, education on money tax and law, remove requirement to have a driver’s license or license plate.
  • Price: approximately 200/mo for 2 years for most services
  • Guarantee: inquire directly

Freedom In All Financial Forms

Debt to Success System (DTSS) brings turnkey processing and marketing to the sovereign space. By “sovereign” we mean throwing off the apparent encumbrances that you apparently have with apparent goverments. I realize that was a mouthful, so let’s put it like this:

  • Nature/God/Allah/Yahweh/Mom/Dad made you, the flesh-and-blood reader of this post.
  • Things work out for you best when you live lawfully (do not steal, cheat, perjure or injure anyone else).
  • You have no further obligations to any person, society or entity in the form of behavior, registration, licensing, tax. You can certainly choose to engage in these contracts, but any such obligations are apparent. That is, the federal government likes to make it appear that their summons, statutes, etc are required and that they have dominion over you. But this is what is apparent but real or lawful.

The practical applications of your inalienable rights typically are:

  1. realizing you have right to travel in a car without a license or license plate
  2. not obtaining fishing licenses to engaging in fishing
  3. not paying any form of income tax
  4. being tried in a common law court (as opposed to the commercial law that US courts typically operate under)

The freedom/sovereign movement is splintered into many many groups. Some offer some sovereign services and others offer others. What Mark Musos did was assemble all of these processes and automate the paperwork and education necessary to free you from the clutches of government.

All Pieces in Place.. Sort of

I’ve surveyed many sovereign services. The first problem I have is that most do not have a generous referral program. DTSS pays out as much as 54% of all incoming commissions to people referred to them. Furthermore, they offer a wealth of services for a reasonable monthly fee.

What I like

The things I like about DTSS are that it is transparent, automated and affordable. By transparent, I like that the founder of DTSS is right on Facebook and has a Facebook group with plenty of members and years of discussions. In fact, a good amount of my research about DTSS involved combing through hundreds of posts and evaluating the various members and finally reaching out to 1 or 2 for private conversations. If he had something to hide, he would not have such an open group with open discussions.

Filling out the forms to release yourself from government chains can be a lot of paperwork. Having an automated system in place reduces errors and headaches.

DTSS is affordable. And unlike other systems which cost a lot upfront, you can work out a monthly payment program.

What I dislike

The two main things that I do not like about DTSS are their ineptness at cancelling debt and the amount of copy/paste wisdom versus original experience. Let’s take these in turn:

Cancelling debt has been a weak point.

I am friends with Mike Smela. He has gone past step 30 in DTSS and he has not had his debts or mortgage cancelled even though that was part of his package deal. By contrast, David Allen Young has a very straightforward way of canceling large amounts of debt and offers a 90% money-back guarantee if he debts are not cancelled. And even more affordable than David Allen Young, but only working on unsecured debt, is Taansen Fairmont’s Liberty Debt Elimination System.

copy/paste wisdom

By “copy/paste wisom” I mean that in more than one case, Mark has posted things that cannot be verified and that he has not done himself. For instance below you can see him posting something verbatim but if you read the thread, you will see that he does not know the source and that he has not done it himself:

On the other hand, I really dont like freedom movement people who try to copyright or patent their processes, I’m talking to you David Allen Young and Steve Beddow. You both probably do excellent work but where is your desire to train others and franchise out your knowledge instead of just hording it yourself?


DTSS is like a lot of things on this earth, not perfect but definitely worth seeing if it fits your needs. All in all, I have to say that I like the community feel of DTSS. I love the deep and generous referral program. I love having access to the CEO on facebook. I love that the work is done for you.

Why did I write this review? Well, I had evaluated many systems for breaking my chains. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • Understand Contract Law and You Win (UCL) – I first learned of UCL through the Millionaire Mentor University. Compared to DTSS, I dont like how UCL requires cash payment or payment by money order. I also don’t like how they hide their identities and how little social media outreach they have. They do have a done-for-you process and a tremendous amount of educational material. And they have proofs of using a Treasury Direct account to discharge all sorts of unsecured debts and even a case of handling a foreclosure.
  • High Frequency Radio Network, the brainchild of Yusuf El, puts out high-quality educational material on a frequent basis. He is completely transparent and holds live video conferences and has an active Facebook group. He has affordable payment plans. The main thing about him is that you have to do all the paperwork yourself. His goal is to educate and empower you.
  • Steve Beddow offers privatization and you may contact him through his OGF or PD website. He has the highest cost of all I’ve surveyed at 5,000 dollars. But I find his cost still reasonable. Privatization with him takes 3 weeks and then he claims to eliminate tax, student loan and credit card debt within 60 days later. His package includes a wide wide variety of letters for use in traveling in cars, airports, etc. However, he does not train others or offer referral fees. And there are no screenshots of him discharging debt on his website.

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