The Wealth Blueprint

I do not agree with everything Tarhaka Amaana Bey says in this video, but overall it is a good orientation to how to think about wealth:

Key points:

  1. Assess your wealth through Income, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities
  2. Move your income into a corporation, which is shielded by a trust, and then move that income into an asset – an asset is something that regularly pays you.
  3. Ask yourself: “if you stop working, will your assets feed you, or will you liabilities eat you?” In other words, you need a system that produces income while you sleep or you will work until you die (Warren Buffet said that).
  4. for All income that you receive, 10% should be put into an ASSET (not just saving. but an ASSET).
  5. (From Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant): there are 4 ways to generate income – employed, self-employed, business owner, investor.
  6. At 14:29 he says “we dont have any money, all we have is debt” – well, gold and silver are money and we can have them as an asset.
  7. His suggested asset class is weak and low-yielding and does not outstrip the inflation on the dollar. Gold-backed cryptocurrency is a superior solution (but I’m always looking for others).
  8. He suggests “investing in foreign currencies” – that’s suggesting that you substitute one debt note for another, both doomed to enter the currency graveyard.



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