Why Karatbars is the Ultimate Passive Income Opportunity

Here is a brief overview of Karatbars from the standpoint of being a passive income generator:

  • Overall Rating 9/10
  • Product Description: digital and physical gold. fully licensed cryptocurrency/gold/cash bank, cryptophones, cryptocurrency and masternodes
  • Price: $10.00 to 1 million dollars (yes, you read that right).
  • Guarantee: gold redemption for cryptocurrency is guaranteed.

Ahhh, the good life. Deposit, profit, withdraw and do it again. Sounds great, but it is rarely consistent. The stock market? Up and down. Real estate? Up and down. High-yields options trading? Feast and famine and one wrong move and the account is drained. And yes, I am speaking from years of personal experience. But, you know what isn’t subject to all these tides of change? GOLD. What it bought 5,000 years ago, it buys the same amount today. And the US dollar? It cant hold its value for 70 years, let alone 5000. All paper currencies devalue to zero and that means that even if you did find a cool high-yield investment based on the dollar, your investment based on the house of cards that the US dollar is.  And unlike paper money, You can’t burn gold down. And when the real estate bust of 2008 hit, the gold bugs cashed in big time.  So let’s keep searching for that holy grail of passive income. Cryptocurrency is the new sexy high yield investment. 24 hour gains of 20% to 100% were very common… prior to the crash of Bitcoin from $19,000 to $3,000. But now crypto trading is just as choppy as the stock market. So is there a way that the explosive overnight gains of cryptocurrency can be blended with the everlasting wealth preservation of gold? Yes, and Karatbars is the answer moving at lightspeed to get it done.

50% of all Company Profits Lead to More Gold to Back the Coin

It is very difficult to know whether a coin is going to increase in value in the long-term. But because the KBC coin is backed by gold, we have history on our side. If the same auto can be purchased for the same amount of gold 90 years later, that means that the same amount of gold buys the same thing over the same 90 year period.

You dont have that security when buying a cryptocurrency backed by Bitcoin or the Dollar

Cryptocurrency coins are volatile for a reason – they are being traded against other assets with no intrinsic worth

When you purchase KBC coin, you are effectively purchasing a “gold certificate” that can be redeemed for gold in realtime on a live exchange.

You read that right

Your coins are exchangeable in real time for real gold. And because 50% of all company profits are used to buy more gold, the value of coin goes up with the profitability of all company activities.

Don’t over-analyze the video below. Just get a feel for the fact that what you have is a sustainable system where all actions lead to regular increases in the value of the coin.

And not only that

Every time the company makes profits, 50% is used to buy more gold for the express purpose of backing the coin. And here is what that could mean:

  1. You buy 1000 coins backed by 100kg of gold. The coins do not lose value because gold does not lose value
  2. The company mines 3kg of gold per week at minimum from one gold mine with others in the pipeline. 30 weeks later your coins are backed by twice as much gold.
  3. This continues ad infinitum.

As speculators notice the long-term strength of the coins price, they will investigate the fundamentals backing that. When they see that real gold is backing it, then the general interest in trading the coin leads to even more buying and price increases.

Longevity of Company

For the past 7 years, Karatbars has led the world in the production and sale of small-weight gold. They have always held the vision of making gold affordable for EVERYONE. They are involved in all aspects of gold from initial mining to refinement, certification, marketing and sale. They recently entered the crypto space with a bang, garnering 100 million dollars in their initial coin offering. And being a wise company, they immediately purchased the rights to mine more gold at Ft. Dauphin mine in Madagascar, Turkey.

Over this 7-year period, they experimented with various passive income pools based on the total volume of gold sold. But it wasnt until blockchain and smartphones got big that they could really turn up the heat on making gold affordable to everyone and useable for everyday commerce.

Constant Buying Pressure

The demand for a robust gold-backed digital coin is huge and Karatbars made no mistake in starting their return of the world to honest money in Africa. In a land where we all witnessed the last hyperinflation and utter destruction of a government-issued paper currency, the Africans do not need any reminding about The Government Paper Currency Graveyard. Thus, in addition to the gold mine in Turkey, Karatbars has reached an agreement with the West African nation of Guinea to mine their 700-ton gold mine and earmark the gold for redemption in cryptocurrency.

And guess what happens then? Let me break it down for you:

  1. the rest of Africa stares on, seeing the prosperity in Guinea, and they go: “you know, we need a robust currency in our nation”
  2. the countries nearby Africa in the Middle East go: “you know, gold-backed cryptocurrency is much more valuable than US dollars. I think I will start accepting that for oil instead of US dollars”
  3. Other countries realize that they have been duped by lying governments and central banks and realize that true wealth is in gold. They also see that the price of the KBC coin keeps increasing because 50% of all bank profits are always used to buy more gold, thereby reducing the world supply and therefore increasing the value of both gold and their gold-backed coin. They start moving their unstable fiat currency into gold and the gold-backed KBC.

So you can see, there will be constant buying pressure for this coin, because it is going to bring entire nations back to the gold standard. They did not name their newly-christened bank in Frankfurt “Gold Standard Bank” for nothing.

Multiple Streams of Income from Renewable Services

You would think that having a gold-backed coin that promises huge returns on deposits over short and long term would be enough. But it isn’t. And this article cannot do as much justice to all that they are doing as the second video on this page can, but let me break it down for you:

  • monthly profits from the world’s first voice-over-blockchain crypto phone
  • profits by the minute from fees earned from a gold-based payment network. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay move over, it’s time to spend in GOLD!
  • daily profits from bank fees…. 3 physical banks and counting.
  • daily profits from ATM machines that dispense, gold, fiat and cryptocurrency
  • a digital stock exchange, similar to NasDAQ, etc.
  • and much much more.

Oh I almost forgot the profit packages

Well, since this is an article about passive income, I suppose it would make sense to discuss profit packages. My what a subtle hint at what the purpose of these packages are. They range in price from $200 to 1 million dollars. They are digital packages, meaning that all goods in the package are stored in digital wallets of some sort or the other. The profit packages are clearly discussed starting at 1 hour and 10 minutes into this video.

Conclusion… wait. There is no end in Karatbars

The biggest problem with Karatbars is that they are constantly evolving – by the time you have put together marketing materials to explain everything… THEY HAVE NEW THINGS. In my opinion gold is not just wealth, it is an intelligent force that is guiding the world back to a golden age. A world of debt-free happiness where true wealth exists for all.

Recommended course of action

  1. Buy KBC coin on the open market at HitBTC or CoinSuper. Always check CoinMarketCap for new exchanges KBC is listed on. Do not use the Karatbit exchange. It is still beta.
  2. Register as an affiliate of Karatbars and purchase a profit package so that you get KCB (the other coin). The range in price from $200 to 1 million dollars and you get 10% of everyone you refer. There’s even more to the comp plan but no space to write about it now.
  3. Use an automated or manual method to pick up more KBC on the pullbacks… because the coin is backed by an ever-increasing amount of gold, it is one of the few coins that you can be sure will increase in price each time there is a pulback.



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