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The transition from the Corporate form of “The Credit Engineers” to “The International Association of Credit Engineers, PMA” is complete. Coupling that with placing a New York SEC Attorney on retainer for $10,000 a month so that even with the PMA we do not even provoke any attack from any government agency and boom – we had to change many things and this scopes out the new version and payouts that will be possible with TIAOCE (The International Association of Credit Engineers).


We are allowing a 2- level affiliate program. Meaning Each person that represents us can build underneath them one level or team of people. Each person that does this will have the option as to how the commissions are divided in the event of an affiliate sale. Each deal will have a 2% commission for direct sales and a 2% override for their one level upline. The options on this is that you could take 1% and give them 3% or you could pay 2% and 2%….. All commissions MUST be distributed ONLY by the PMA. Any commissions distributed outside of the PMA will remove all its protection from that deal so this will not be allowed.


BASIC – Personal Credit Lease :

Our original core base product. This is the program whereby we take people whose credit is either great or in need of some repair and clean that up free of charge to maximize their credibility. Once that is complete we go out and achieve, through our underwriters, as much funding as possible. Then once that is achieved, let’s say it comes to $300,000 as an example – – this client will receive an initial stipend of $10,000 and their first month’s loan payments. 

When we do the funding we set up automated monthly payments on the checking account used in the process. Each month 5-7 days before the due date of any loans the client receives a check for the total loan payments for the month AND in the same payment check they will also receive 1% of the total Loan Value. So for example in this case based on $300,000 this client would receive the loan payments totaling approximately $4000 a month and in addition their income portion or $3,000 in this case. So each month the client will have their loans paid and $3,000 a month income. At the 36th month a balloon payment is made to pay off all loans and the client may re-enter the program 90 days later.

HYBRID Credit Lease :

This is the program we designed to give a large lump sum to a client right up front and then they are done. Meaning they keep the lump sum and we completely pay the loans off. This program is the heart of the spirit of why we created the original Credit Engineers – – to pave a pathway for people to gain access to money to go into business or buy property. This is the program whereby we take people whose credit is either great or in need of some repair and clean that up free of charge to maximize their credibility. Once that is complete we go out and achieve, through our underwriters, as much funding as possible. Then once that is achieved, let’s say it comes to $300,000 as an example – – in this case the client would keep 43.5% of the total dollars raised. In this example $130,500 would be a one time lump sum with nothing to pay back as we service the loans.


This program in structure is the same as the “regular” HYBRID Credit Lease except it is done on a corporate level. Meaning we assemble a team of people and purchase a True and REAL CORPORATION. The costs will vary on the size of the corporation. The larger and more expensive the corporation the more debt that can be created.


Once the corporation is decided upon and purchased the transition and underwriting team takes over. They assist in the transition of ownership as well as the preparation of new websites and getting all of the accounting out of the way. In addition, if the clients credit requires repair we cover that as well.

Next is where this begins to take things to on an entire and new dimension. On average the corporations can return Cash in the form of loans and debt at a rate of almost 11 to 1. Meaning if we were to buy an existing corporation for $120,000 that would turn into $1,300,000 worth of non-recourse corporate debt. The client would then receive a lump sum of 43.5% of the $1,300,000 or $565,000 and we then would service or pay off all loans.


This is basically the same principle as the credit lease when it’s personal only.  In the corporate version, we follow the above protocol of buying a corp first. The only difference is instead of getting a lump sum, like in the HYBRID, the client would again receive a monthly income payment equal to 1% of the total value of the loans. In this case this example at 1.3 million, the client would receive 36 monthly payments equal to $13,000 a month all while The International Association of Credit Engineers will pay off all of the loans over those 36 months.

I hope this clarifies many things as this is the way the company will roll from this point forward. The changes are not that far off the original programs and in fact with the corporate additions we are now giving people better options. This form of our business model is completely compliant with the SEC and banking and usury laws.

I hope all else is well, and I will try and follow this up with a call later today as well.


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