Financial Success Club Review – by an actual member

  • Company name: Financial Success Club (Millionaire Mentor University)
  • Principals: Sarah Mondol, Mark Moncher, Andy Anderson
  • Overview: a company that promises financial success by helpig you attract loan money, investing it in high-yield investments and retiring of the difference between debt service and ROI
  • Recommended: no.

Unlike many people who talk about FSC (Financial Success Club), I am speaking firsthand and quickly because I have better things to do. But if I can do anything to help people make better decisions about investing, then I should do it.

Simple Summary: got funded for 60k, sent then 20k, got a total of $500 back

Longer summary: tons of unproven programs that work for a few months and then go belly up.

Details: highly inefficient, no ledger of transactions.

This includes moving my money 5,000 from the Angel INvestor program to CPN funding without my written permission. And when I expressed surprise, they shot back “you knew we were moving the funds.” … well I know one thing: I never signed an agreement to that effect!


Is it a scam? No, they are not dishonest. They mean well. They are truly nice well-meaning people! just horribly inept, easily suckered by fast-talkers and very good at taking your money and giving you lots of debt and promises with no ROI in return. Furthermore, they dont have any proofs of long-term success of any of their programs. And they drop the ball plenty.

All the weakness there is why I had to form a new network of trusted partners.


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