Taansen Fairmont DOWNGRADED from partner

I was intially pleased to form a relationship with Taansen Fairmont and Brilliance in Commerce. After a year of dealings, I can no longer recommend the majority of his products/processes.

For one, the Liberty Debt Elimination System (which Tad Patterson re-sells as Champion Debt Elimination) is a sub-optimal way to get out of debt. Even though his website shows the victories, it does not detail the story of Keiki Fujita and how she had to hire a lawyer, attend settlement meetings and then deal with tons of paperwork designed to make sure she missed deadlines and lost debt cases on technicalities.

Next, his credit repair resource, Anthony Gallant relies on filing identity theft complaints. My partner Venson Smith offers credit sweeps for $2,500 that cleanly hide all derogs and accounts as needed to bring you to 700 in 2-8 weeks.

Also, he introduced me to Bryan Stallings even though he himself had been having problems with him prior to referring me to him.

A few other past issues were his involvement in Circle Bitcoin which was nothing but a ponzi and his wild claims about Innovative Capital Solutions being able to generate six figures of funding regardless of credit score.


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